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WAV sound sample not coming out

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Hey guys, would appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me on this issue. On the left side of the waveform there's a red line just before the waveform begins. Problem is that when I try to insert a note via Piano Roll, no sound comes out. Next thing I tried was to click on the waveform (which normally would produce the sound of the .wav) but to no avail. Other things I tried was restarting FL, deleting and re-adding the sample but none of these worked.

So could anyone please tell me what that red line is, how did it get there and how do I remove it? Thanks alot!


I forgot to add that I suspect its the red line (whatever it means) that is preventing audio from coming out as other samples do not have this red line at the start or anywhere on the waveform and can play perfectly.

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Yes, other samples/audio clips are working fine in FL and using Winamp/foobar2k to play.

It isn't set to anything, just 2 dashes "--".

I have changed the sampler channel, same thing happens. If I change other samples to this sampler channel (which is 2), those samples still work. However this does not.

Yes, it playsback perfectly in media players. In fact on the right side of FL where the browser/directory is, if I click on the samples name the .wav file still plays. Its only if I drag it to my project then no audio appears.

*Edit (6 hours later)

Okay this is weird. I restarted my computer this time, and now ALL samples from that folder have the red line at the start, while samples from other folders don't. However now that particular sample that was giving me problems can now be played/inputed via Piano Roll or any other method. If it helps this is the EWQL free sample pack that they released a month or two ago.

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