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*NO* Warcraft 3 'Bright Covenant'


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I... somewhat suspect this might be original w/drumloops on top. can anyone verify? - djp

Hi, people! (OcRemix)

ReMixer name: Alataby

Name of ReMix: Bright Covenant

Email: ahmed_alataby85@hotmail.com

Name of game ReMixed: Warcraft III The Frozen Throne (Windows PC)

Comments about the mix:

About the game: Hmm, to say the truth, I actually never played the game, but I did play Reign of Chaos for a while but didn’t beat it. But the reason why I made this ReMix is because the music. I really listened to the music a lot because it was just great and that’s why I decided to make this ReMix.

About the ReMix: Well, what shall say about my ‘first’ mix, hehe. First of all I would like to say that I used quite a few instruments of the original song (Dark Covenant) and that’s because I like the original a lot, that’s why I kept these instruments and mixed them with the beat, harp and some other instruments. The original is also longer than 4 minutes, so I had to cut few parts. I also changed the speed to 1.5x.

If you played Warcraft III, liked the music, like beat a bit, then I’m sure you’ll like this one. Enjoy!


+ : Please, if you decided not to put my mix on you page for any reason, it really would be appreciated a lot if you inform me.

Thanks a lot, guys! (OcRemix)

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I may be overstepping my authority here, but -


I've played plenty enough frozen throne to know that it is, indeed the original with a drumloop placed directly on top of it. There are some time-morphing fx, but that's it. This doesn't even cover the whole song, i think.

If there are any additions, (harp, etc) - I can't hear them.

Correct me if i'm wrong.


Nice drumloop tho ;)

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