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Chrono Trigger - Space-Time Continuum (Schala's Theme)

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Feedback is welcome. Enjoy listening. :)

A progressive/electro-house track I made a few days ago, inspired by "Schala's Theme". Maybe it needs to be extended to be tagged as "Original Mix", but I like it up to now and received pretty good feedback too. ^^

EDIT: Thanks for your feedback, decided to mark this as WIP.. Need to extend the arrangement a bit as mentioned, and fix the dynamics.. As for failing to recognize the source track, just think of the original and speed it up to 128 Beats per minute and with a few variations/differences for originality.. Plus I chose to make a progressive/electro kind of track, so I had to keep that 'mood'. It's supposed to be somewhat repetitive, it's house music after all ;D

Still, thanks for your good words folks. This gives me reason and will to further work on it. ^__^ Cheers, Daedalus Project

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I'm not at all familiar with the source, but I really like it! What you have sounds really nice. I think instead of ending it where you do (2:49! Whatever you do, add some more awesomeness!), you should insert a section of something that sounds a little different in the realm of 2:10-2:20, but keep the beat, and then return back to the main theme. That's my take on it, anyway, you should probably wait and see what other people have to say.

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um, perhaps it's been too long since i've played CT, but i can't disern the source from original material. It's great, I like it. But I'm not hearing an OC. Tone it down, add more interpretation of the source, make it longer. I think it takes too long to get going, it think it ends too quickly. I think also if you were to extend it, it would need something added to keep from being repetative.

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