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  1. I think the huge list of sources (along with your not posting links to them) turns people off from posting feedback...I'm not familiar with the sources at all, so as long as you're confident as far as source usage goes, this sounds great. I absolutely despise atmospheric piano (maybe that's not the technical term, I'm really not theory knowledgeable) but I will say I like this better than most I've heard. The trill and then descending notes around 2:40 caught my attention as sounding rather mechanical. Then again at 2:51, the trill...not sure why, but those two things definitely stood out to my ears as unnatural. Fix those and I wouldn't have anything more to criticize.
  2. Okay, it's taken me quite a while to find the time to work on this. I think I've finished it up arrangement-wise, but some second opinions would be nice. I apologize for the sloppy performance--I'm not a great piano player to start out with and I hate practicing.
  3. I heard a little Song of Healing here and there in the background piano. I couldn't tell where the main melodies came from. I'm also very familiar with both of these songs (I've played the game a few times and remixed the Song of Healing) so I think Evahn is right. I'd say this sounds completely original except for about 5 seconds when I can hear the Song of Healing in the piano. I'm thinking maybe you use too small of a portion of one source and then immediately jump to a different one? If the listener can't pick up more than a few notes of a melody, he won't recognize the song. Sound-wise, though, this is absolutely amazing! I have nothing to criticize there. I hope you can make the source more apparent because it sounds amazing otherwise.
  4. A lot of the transitions sound like two different songs put on top of each other, and there's a lot of that. I'm not sure what I should be listening to, and sometimes so much is going on that it's hard to pick up a melody. Some of the notes clash here and there. I don't like that impossibly fast repeated note about two-thirds through--until then I suppose I could imagine two people sitting at different pianos and playing this. I hope you keep working on this.
  5. I also wish this was longer and reached a bit higher of a climax. That's because it sounds so good as it is already, though.
  6. It would be nice to have a quick link to the original, yes. This sounds amazing, to me, but I should include the disclaimer that I'm also a newbie to remixing and I haven't heard the original.
  7. I'll talk to him this weekend. I remember it had something to do with where things installed and where cakewalk looked for synths. By default a bunch of files didn't go where they needed to.
  8. Song of Storms, yes...it's hard to keep it out when I like it so much. I've found it much easier to put different themes together than to develop one theme...to get 'deeper' in a sense, I guess, instead of skipping from song to song. It's the people who are able to use one theme that I admire. Hehe, you probably shouldn't expect midi until thanksgiving, because then I'll come home and use my dad's keyboard. As always, thanks for the kind feedback, all.
  9. Just an idea for now. Still experimenting. EDIT: New one:
  10. Hahahaha! ...Where does the mountain come from?
  11. Argh, I think I checked everything but that. Bitrate, file name, spent forever listing all the songs I included and linking to them (that oughta give the judges a headache...sorry guys...), listened to it a few more times to make sure there was nothing I wanted to fix... Okay, they sound about the same (at least on this computer), so I THINK it's okay. Once again thanks to everyone for all the kind feedback! Very encouraging. I was thinking I'd just submit this one thing, but I guess I'll look into getting my other stuff polished up as well.
  12. Look up when entering a large, empty room, and never walk straight into the center of it. Eat your greens, but be careful. They contain things like crystals, arrows, potions... All women look pretty much the same, except for their hair and outfits, until around age 40. I can move extremely fast.
  13. Very relaxing. This sounds beautiful as is, but I suppose I can see your concern with the bass. I don't think it needs a more intriguing bass until around 1:45. Before that the simplicity works well with the song, IMO. And then again at 3:00 after you finish returning to the simple tune. Yeah, definitely at that point, upon a second listen. I think it just put me to sleep. *yawn* ...
  14. ^What SZ said. However, my bigger concern is composition. The melody sounds exactly like the original, note-for-note except for a few connecting notes added in here and there (which don't usually sound like they belong anyway).
  15. Alright, thanks to Rozovian, I think this is finished.
  16. People never tire of repeating the same thing over and over again when their advice is crucial to your adventure...and when it's not. I can tell when an enemy is nearby because the background music gets ominous. I can wear the same clothes for weeks and no one notices. Maybe I don't sweat when I'm in the lava dungeon, swinging away at a big evil monster.
  17. Rozovian, that would be wonderful, because everything I do seems to make the piano sound worse. I have the performance about as good as I think I'll ever get it...can I email you the midi?
  18. Okay, after unsuccessful google searching, I got my Dad to help me (translation: do it for me) and he figured something out. If anyone still wants to know how he fixed it, I can ask him what he did. (According to him, everything was Microsoft's fault, but it always is. )
  19. Okay, after unsuccessful google searching, I got my Dad to help me (translation: do it for me) and he figured something out. If anyone still wants to know how he fixed it, I can ask him what he did. (According to him, everything was Microsoft's fault, but it always is. )
  20. Well, for now I'm trying to see if I can get the TASCAM thing working (I've invested at least 7 hours in this thing and I've had to restore my computer to a previous state twice). Now everything seems to be working but there's no sound. There are no presets for me to load. I've searched online and I can't seem to find an answer that I can decipher--the best I've found is "Dont just copy dll, install it and set path to shared Vst directory. dll just itself won't play." <If anyone can tell me what that means and how I go about doing it, I would be extremely grateful. I see there are .dll files so I assume that's what he's talking about, but what path where? I guess I know how my mom feels every time she tries to do add pics on Facebook...
  21. I'm having the same problem, so if AdimantiumDude or someone else has found a solution I would love to know...I actually found this thread while searching google for a solution. The best answer I have found so far is "Dont just copy dll, install it and set path to shared Vst directory. dll just itself won't play." <If anyone can enlighten me as to what that means and how to go about doing it, I would be extremely grateful. In case this helps anyone else who might stumble upon my installation problem: I was able to get this installed with the help of the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit, as mentioned by sillythewilly. My computer hung at Syncrosoft 181% so I had go to LCC and delete SyncrosoftLicenseControlSetup.exe and replace it with Notepad, which I renamed "SyncrosoftLicenseControlSetup.exe" to fool the installation program.
  22. There's no melody. Like you said, it's very atmospheric. It makes for a very nice, subtle background--whoa, take that back, just hit the end part. Okay, until the end part, it makes for a very nice subtle background, but I don't think it works well as a song.
  23. Okay, I've taken quite a bit of music theory, but I've forgotten all the terminology, so forgive my explanations... The falling notes at the height of the first minor section sounds like it's playing the wrong key. After that your transition into the main melody in minor sounds very improvised, but that goes with the style I think you're going for. Personally, I don't like every single note of the melody played in chords there. I didn't like the transition back into the major melody, but I'm not quite sure why. Other than that, this sounds wonderful even while played by machine! Great composition.
  24. Wow, many thanks for the kind comments! I can't tell you how encouraging that is as I'm trying to figure out just HOW to record it... (I started a thread to ask for advice over in music composition&production here: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=30872)
  25. Hi, I know close to nothing about writing/producing music on the computer. I have written a piano solo that I would like to play on a grand piano and submit to OCR. (Here: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=29686) My problem is that I'm a college student with a budget of $0, without any access to a grand piano, much less a studio with recording equipment. As I'm trying to sift through the endless amount of options, it seems to me that the grand piano sounds that are reported to be good cost $50+ (not that I know how to use them anyway). I do have a midi keyboard for the next seven days which I can hook up to my computer, and I have a midi file of my (not-very-professional) performance. My other problem is that I don't know anyone else with a grand piano and a studio. Is there a good grand piano sound out there (good enough for a solo) that would make it worthwhile for me to try to clean up my performance and learn how to get the midi to play the piano sound? Or should I look for someone else who can play and record the piece for me? (I have sheet music written out.)
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