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Naval Ops: Commander


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Okay, I've found pretty clear recordings of several exceptional Naval Ops: Commander songs. Wirblewind, Sturmwind and Druna Skass II themes have been updated with the audio directly from the game.

Game: Naval Ops: Commander

Publisher: Koei

Released: Jan 22, 2004 (American Release: March 10, 2004)

Platform: Playstation 2


The song I'd most like to see remixed is this first one...

Wirblewind Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xklo8llgqxI

Background to the song is that it's a Super High Speed Battlecruiser, going 70+ knots, and is the first boss fight you encounter.

Sturmwind Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHuXe-Nj7OI&feature=channel

Sister ship to the Wirblewind, it is encountered while you are in a tapered bay, effectively it's a trap scenario. It goes as fast, if not faster than the Wirblewind.

Druna Skass I Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiGSDi8y19E&feature=related

One of the final bosses of the game, it posesses an oversized laser weapon capable of oneshotting everything in a line between itself and the edge of the level's map. (The Secret Final Boss Silfurbor Negla also uses this theme, and is basically the Druna Skass on steroids... both battles occur at night time, but Negla occurs in the midst of an icefield... the Silfurbor appears through dialogue to be sentient itself and obsessed with destroying all life).

Druna Skass II Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Dbrpkxf8E&feature=channel

The final boss of the game if you don't count the Silfurbor Negla... a slightly more powerful version of the Druna Skass, but it's the map that makes the fight more difficult in that it waits for you in an inland sea with three narrow waterways leading to it, and this sea is effectively an arena for a one on one fight.

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Okay, I've editted the initial post to provide more info on the actual game, as well as youtube links to not only the song I specifically requested, but also several other notable songs from the game. I hope one of them catches your fancy.

This will effectively be the last self-bump if I get no responses of interest since there is effectively no possible updates with anything relevant that would justify it now that I have the Twin Winds and the Druna Skass I/II themes up.

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