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Avian Holiday - Ristar - "Du-di-da"


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This is less of a serious post and more of a plea for help. This is my very first remix, so basically there's about 100 things sucky about it that can be pointed out within the first 10 seconds, but I have to start somewhere, right?

I was about to just give up with this entirely but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post what I have here and see if far more talented people than me can give some strong suggestions on improving it, and hopefully get the ball rolling again for me. I'll take advice on absolutely anything as there's definitely a lot to complain about.

Oh, and don't be afraid to really dig into me. I need hard criticism to have any chance of getting better. ;P

Here's the source:

With small elements of:

And here's the remix:





I'm relatively happy with the first 30 seconds surprisingly. The first transition is where the real suckiness comes in and it's pretty bad from there on. All the transitions are pretty bad and too abrupt. There's really isn't much going on throughout 0:36 - 1:45 because I can't find a good instrument to fit with the steel drums. Whilst I kinda like the sections starting at 1:45, I think it gets real cluttered and probably goes on for too long too.

EDIT: Just noticed the mod review option so I thought I'd give that a go as I didn't get any criticism before, which I desperately need if I hope to get any better. Made a a fair amount of edits too and added version 2 which actually cuts out a lot of crap more so than adding anything.

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Ristar has some good music, though I can't recognize the original melodies in your tune. Instead, this sounds like something one would hear from The Little Mermaid.

LOL, when you put it that way... Yeah, it's pretty lame... >_<

I have been trying to listen to music from different cultures lately and I found some links to calypso on youtube, so I thought I'd try and do something different for my first remix. Evidently it was a failsome idea.

Uh... Is there no way to delete threads? o_o

EDIT: The original themes don't really start appearing until half way.

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