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  1. I'm new at this but I've been playing around with various free synth VSTs for hours now trying to replicate this synth sound at 0:59: I just can't get it quite right. Can anyone give any tips?
  2. I play guitar in an instrumental band called Faith in Hours. We have been working hard writing music for a while now and we have recently just released a free EP online of some of our tunes. We have elements of post-rock, metal and even some ambient parts too. If that sounds interesting to you, then please give our tunes and listen and give some feedback too if you have the time, positive or negative, it's all good to hear. You can find our self-titled EP "Faith in Hours" here: http://soundcloud.com/faithinhoursuk/sets/faith-in-hours/ If you enjoy our music, please check out our Facebook and give us a like too: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/FaithInHoursOfficial Thanks!
  3. YESH! We need more Paper Mario remixes. This is great, quite an unexpected choice of sounds. I have no real criticisms I'm afraid. I'll keep checking this thread, ready to download the finished product. ;P
  4. Freaking awesome. This is easily one of my favourite remixes already. The source is my favourite tune from the game and you've just really made it your own. I applaud originality over most other aspects so absolute props here. Just the idea of mixing different "world" music with electronica tickles me in just the right way.
  5. Sorry, this is the only bump I'll give. Just thought I'd try and salvage this before it gets lost in the depths of the forums. :/
  6. I'm loving Extra Credits. I'll be tuning in every week. ;P

    That is all.

  7. I really love metal, but... I dunno, I really don't think the source material is a very good pick to be metal'd up, I just don't think it works. Good effort nonetheless.
  8. Sorry, you're right. I was new then (still am really) and I didn't read the first post closely enough. I'm gonna PM you now actually. ;P
  9. Hey, you might remember me from the thread I started asking for help with getting a new PC. I just wanted to say I got my new rig and it's all great. Thanks very much for your help. *bows*

  10. Everyone here makes a good point. Managing an entire project is a lot of work, so my advice to the TC is to really plan out the project before even bringing it to the table. It's no good making a thread just a few sentences long saying "This could be a cool idea." What I would recommend doing is first thinking about how serious you're willing to get with this, 'cause quitting half way will only lose you a lot of respect here. If you're certain you want to go ahead with it, then make a list of all the tracks that are to be remixed and put them neatly into your first post at the very least. Will there be any genre limitations? Even if there aren't, say that in the first post. Thought about artwork and perhaps promotional stuff? Be sure to say you want to recruit artists and the like if you do. Got a name for the project? Set up a private forum for remixers? These are all things to think about, and if you want people to latch onto this project you'll need to really flesh it out. I guaruntee you people will start showing interest then. I hope this helps and if you go ahead with it, I'll be more than willing to join in. I love Rayman. ;P
  11. *ahem* *points* That was me, on my old account. I never got an answer... >_< It's cool though, you can have it. You'll probably do a better job than me and there's plenty of other cool stuff to choose from anyways. I'm real excited to see what everyone is cooking up. This is my absolute most favourite soundtrack. ;P
  12. Might I also recommend the Peavey Valveking 212 or 112. It's a great medium to high gain amp. Superb amp for it's price range and great for METAL!!
  13. This seems a little underappreciated so I'll just say that I think this is really cool, I dig ambient stuff like this. Pretty original concept too. Could perhaps be a bit longer. Once it had finished I was left wanting it to carry on. With ambient stuff like this you can get away with abusing sections longer than you usually would I'd say. EDIT: You could also smash the words in the title together to make "Sinsurance"! ,,,No? D:
  14. Almost every mashup I see is usually pretty lame, but this... I've never seen a tune fit quite as well as this before in a mash-up. Nice work!
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