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  1. Oh nice, didn't realize we can embed music files like that now. Been a while since I was here, though. It's kinda bad for skipping to timestamps (in my current experience, at least). But yeah, I really dig your choice of using a perc organ in your version, since it's a very nostalgic sound to me. But some of the sfx here (like at 0:29 and at 0:44) feel a bit too "hi-tech" to me, personally. Thus, they don't mesh well with the organ foundation. Would have preferred some brief soul-ish house vocals clips instead and maybe some brief sexy sax samples to spice things up even further. You could also sequence your synths in ways that feel soul-ish. Right now, it feels to me that you are making a piece that starts like a house track, but then it quickly loses its identity to trance elements (the snare fills don't feel house-ish enough for me, either). The chord synths that show up at 2:42 onwards to support the groove are a nice addition. And so is the little triangle wave. Also, holy shit: my browser returned to the previous page accidentally and I thought everything I wrote here was lost. Phew...
  2. Unrelated, Darke, but you wouldn't happen to have the GRMRB 2010 and GMRB 2010 Social Group threads archived, would you?
  3. Coop, most of the listeners in these events are the people who are involved. So, personally, I don't think success should be measured the way you're imagining... it's not about that. It's about celebrating the release and talking about each other's entries with a cozy group (and I prefer to do so with small groups anyway). I participated in AOCC v.5 and, afaik, there were no song comments at all. So, a listening party is... better than that? We'd be talking about your song(s) too, Coop. Not really saying you have to join the event, though.
  4. Any plans for a listening party? I think you told me once that you hosted one for these albums before.
  5. Pizza Tower is what the Wario Land series would've been like if it was made by western developers (in an Earthworm Jim way).
  6. An unreleased SNES game was recently owned by a company and is being physically sold right now. The music was composed by the Follin brothers. OST playlist:
  7. A bit late, but glad it helped, @Unknown Pseudoartist! Good luck! (to you and to the other mixers)
  8. I'm sorry, UPA. That sounds frustrating. If I recall correctly, the only ThaSauce admin you can contact to report any issues is Ramaniscence. You could try getting in touch with him in the Discord server, too.
  9. Hello. It is said the Pokémon composer, Junichi Masuda, was inspired by Koji Kondo's music. So, I had this idea of using the Zelda OoT Shop samples to rearrange the Pokémon Center theme in the same Cha-cha-chá style.
  10. Howdy. Could any of you change my name to Tex? Thanks.
  11. Oh, hey! To this day, I'm not sure if your username used to be "Meteor Xavier" or if I was just reading it wrong for a while back then. And yeah, that synth brass patch is so good. Love it. Aw, bummer. Hopefully you've been enjoying your stay in the forums, though 🙏 Hmm, personally, I prefer smaller servers so the chat won't get too busy for me. But that's just a personal preference.
  12. Post your Discord in this thread or add me (texturology#8079)! I love talking to new/old friends in a chatroom environment and have a good time \o/ I'm texturology, previously known as "Txai" if you're familiar.
  13. Hey, this has a "wandering in green pastures during sunrise" type of feel. Sounds beautiful! Dig the idea of each lead instrument representing one character, too.
  14. Howdy! I wonder if you can help me with a few name changes, if possible: my forum name to texturology (done! thanks, DS!) my OCReMixer handle on the site to texturology my SoundCloud URL in my OCR artist page to https://soundcloud.com/texturology my real name in my OCR artist page to Anderson Viegas Thank you for your time
  15. Congrats to Hunter Van Brocklin for winning with his entry "California Rose Gold Rush"! Check the first post for results.
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