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I got my Macbook a little less than a year ago and I feel pretty stupid because I haven't installed any spyware protection on it yet. Does anyone have any recommendations of spyware protection/removal programs? Thanks!

I love you. I really do. You are a mac user that KNOWS you need that shit. Not one of the arrogant "MACS NEVER GET VIRUSES!!11!!1"

Although you waited a year. Better late then never I suppose.

Cool beans Avast has a mac version!

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Except seriously don't need anti-spyware stuff for a Mac, really. No one codes spyware for macs because such a small amount of people use them. Also: Browsers for Macs don't have a lot of the exploits that IE does, and...

If you're going to downlaod something don't download a 2 year old version of Avast that has a bunch of terrible reviews.

Also: don't ask this kind of question on a video game remix sites, else you're going to answers from people like that one.

If you can't find a solid program to remove spyware for your Mac by a simple google check, even at a small fee, than there's probably a really really good reason why. (see above)

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