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  1. Heya guys! finally settled into my new place and it has a few locations of the gym I went to at my previous place of living! The downside is they still don't have many power racks/squat racks. Usually 2. The newer one has a raised platform of fake wood, what's the point of that? I might look at other gyms depending on my contract, since I live in a larger area now, it's pretty busy sometimes and my current routine is using barbells for half of it. I talked to one of the managers the other day and he said once they get my account transferred over from the other location they'd be able to look at it. I signed up for a year membership which is PAST, so it should be month to month. Any suggestions of dealing with gyms if I want to switch? I know some are pretty brutal with letting you go and such. I just want more racks.
  2. My tendinitis is finally getting better. So I've been doing some light lifting dumbbell stuff, and cardio! Today though, not sure if it happened at work, or what, my left forearm has a constant ache where my right doesn't. Might not be fully ready yet. :/ I finally tried out that sriracha sauce though, and I now eat it with everything. I guess it really does make more boring meals not as boring. But yay! happy to actually be back in the gym.
  3. Finally have a 3ds! Picked up a New 3DS. My friend code: 1994-0252-2519
  4. I agree with this, but man do I miss turn-based RPGs.
  5. I made a bunch, threw it in covered containers, and am awaiting the chicken to finish so I can throw some of the meals in the freezer for over the week. I left the containers of rice on my counter, didn't think it would be that big of a deal. But apparently you can get sick from eating rice if poorly stored. I just threw it in my fridge upon learning this. I'm now kind of worried that i'm going to get sick from it, since leaving it on the counter for an extended time. Does anyone else make rice ahead of time and re-heat it, or am I just worrying too much?
  6. I love milk though And I'll switch to those exercises for a while!
  7. Couple questions again! Hi. zircon and I talked, so since I'm a tiny dude, it made sense to go on a bulk. I've been eating fairly clean counting calories throughout the day. But I drink a LOT of milk. It's literally my go-to drink when at home. I can suck down a gallon of 2% in 2-3 days. Late in the night I'll get up and just pour a giant glass of milk sometimes more then once. I have a feeling I'm going way over my needed caloric intake because of this. I say this because I jumped like 4lbs which is weird since I've never jumped that high over the course of a couple days. Usually just fluctuates around 1-2lbs My next question is what dumbbell exercise could replace the overhead barbell press? With my muscle imbalance it's tough with your standard 45lb bar.
  8. How do you guys deal with going to gym on those days you just feel completely drained? I have wrist issues in my right wrist and forearm. Slight tendinitis. flares up sometimes when doing squats and other exercises so I've went from going every other day on a 4 day work out. Is there a way to alleviate this? Because it's flaring up tonight and I don't want to make it worse by going in and lifting.
  9. I'm actually not a fan of the Smith machine. I've used them to enough extent to where I just don't like them. I'm forgetting if it's the weird fatigue I experienced, or the unbalanced left side of my body due to my epilepsy, but i try to compensate non-compound movements if I can, and the smith machine has never really helped. I'm much more able to gauge where I'm at as far as muscle use with barbell squats and deads rather then with a smith machine.
  10. Leg curl machine is broke or something at the gym. it's not working correctly. What can I do to replace this exercise?
  11. So, I was at the gym around 10pm last night, and I was doing dumbbell bench presses and nearly dropped a dumbbell on my face. I injured myself a while back and took a much longer then needed hiatus.. I was using 15s and couldn't do more then 5 reps. I have an imbalance on my left side due to epilepsy so I try to do isolate exercises whenever possible. My left arm just gave out though. Imagine taking your left arm and leaning up against a wall palm facing the wall, right? Well I feel a weakness trembling through my forearm and not sure why I feel it in my forearm the most and through the rest of my arm. It doesn't hurt just felt fatigued, never had this happen before. Thoughts?
  12. Can some of you dudes post some rad crock-pot recipes? Or generally easy to make in bulk recipes. I like to make my lunches for the week ahead of time Getting tired of the same old stuff.
  13. When my car stereo still worked, I would drive around blasting Juese Belmont from OLR. Good times.
  14. It's happened at two different gyms! And i'm not allergic to anything, but I suppose mold could do it, heh. It's just disappointing because I get all stoked to be back in the gym, and then I get sick. Poop. Well I'm fortunately feeling much better today. I think it's time to go back!
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