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NES-style version of Sublime - Boss DJ

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with me singing (and programming :P) the vocals!


this is for my extremely new solo project, which I plan to call 'next my generation' that is a reference to an outdated analoq remix title AND the fact that I'm remaking pop/rock songs into video game style music

anyway, any and all thoughts are welcome, positive negative trolling bitching suggestions for other songs to cover anything

thanks in advance, enjoy the small taste!

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Gotta love it when you get all the views and no feedback lol. This is pretty sweet. I don't really have any complaints as you did a good job with this. I was thinkin at first, 8-bit and vocals, how is that possible but you did a really good job of blending both elements. I like the lyrics as well lol, good stuff chthonic.

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thanks for the feedback :D

the lyrics are really good, I agree

here's the original song:

it's an unadulterated classic imho... pretty sure it's about his herion addiction, but I'm not sure

any songs that you would like to see done that you think would fit particularly well into this kind of style? (keep in mind, I will also be including sega genesis-style songs, and SNES as well, possibly even N64 :P)

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Shael Riley linked me to this back in 2010 and it's been in my root Techno folder ever since. (which contains pretty much all my music of an electronic nature of every kind) Dude, did you ever get a complete album out? This was awesome and PWNed the original "Boss DJ" by Sublime.

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