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Final Fantasy VIII requests (and more...)


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Being a huge video game music fan and of OCremix for years, i don't know why i never requested any songs til now. I would always listen to certain soundtracks and go "man, a different version of this would be awesome" or "remixed differently..."

I will apologize for so many requests in a single thread, but if i'm requesting a specific game, might as well list the ones i would love to hear from. I put suggestions below the song of what i think the song could go. It's just a suggestion.. ahaha

One of my favorite soundtracks to date is the FFVIII OST. So many great tracks, and also being my first Final Fantasy game i played, a lot of memories are linked to the tracks. With many extensive playthroughs, i'm suggesting these songs to be remixed. There is no general "theme", but just selected tracks of songs that aren't very popular, but have a lot of potential.


Final Fantasy VIII


Besides the usual popular ones (The man with the machine gun, Fisherman's Horizon, Find Your Way, Don't Be Afraid, Ami, Balamb Garden, Blue Fields, Liberi Fatali, The Extreme, etc...) i'll stick with these for now.



I've always loved this song. i could always see some kind of smooth jazz remix or a variation of a jazz song with this(as it has that kind of vibe)

Dead End

No idea on where to point this song, but i've always hated how short it is. So epic. :( Wish it was way longer.


A "sad" song. It's very atmospheric. I've always wanted to hear a Piano version of this song, but it would need more composition and notes to fill in the keyboard notes on the track. Maybe some violins? Piano/Violin combo. ^_^

Never Look Back


A Rock version of this song would be awesome, or slower, mellow version.

The Stage is set

Any remix of this song is needed. Now.

The Oath


hearing a few orchestral versions of this song (which are amazing) are can only think of wanting a piano version.

The Spy

another jazz song?

Roses and Wine

I really love this song. Comes on a few "emotional" times in the game, and for me, works every time. Would love to hear an acoustic version (with a bit more) or piano version.

The Mission

Something awesome can be remixed from this. :D


And one game that always gets shafted on being remixed, or even noticed, is Final Fantasy XI's Soundtrack.

While not everyone's favorite game, the soundtrack to this game is really amazing. I think these would be great to be remixed.


Final Fantasy XI



I wouldn't know where to go with this, but just listen to this awesome song.



One track i never get sick of for some reason. Also no idea where to go with this one.



Same as above. =/

Currents of Time

would LOVE a piano version of this song.. oh man i would.

Dusk and Dawn

Just a badass song.



So many hours listening to this song.

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Both "The Stage is Set" and "The Spy" would be the ones to pick for remixing if I had to choose. What's interesting is that there's a song from FF VII that would mesh "The Spy" very near perfectly... "Underneath the Rotting Pizza" I think it's called. I often listen to these two in my head and they get mixed up with each other lol.

Good luck with whoever tries to make a remix of this, I offer my jazz skills (what little there is to be had of it at least) to anyone that requests it :)

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