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  1. I have been asked to provide an OCR collection for the Spinning Stream: Nintendo Music Radio, and was wondering if anyone could give me a .torrent file with the remixes starting after OCR 1900. If that's not an option, then a complete listing of all OCR tracks would be appreciated
  2. I'm in the contest, and man I hope I'm chosen. I want the DVD and album soooo bad
  3. Just a quick question: this is a competition to see who can compose the best tune based on the theme within a two hour time limit? Seems interesting, maybe someday I'll have the technology to go through with it
  4. Both "The Stage is Set" and "The Spy" would be the ones to pick for remixing if I had to choose. What's interesting is that there's a song from FF VII that would mesh "The Spy" very near perfectly... "Underneath the Rotting Pizza" I think it's called. I often listen to these two in my head and they get mixed up with each other lol. Good luck with whoever tries to make a remix of this, I offer my jazz skills (what little there is to be had of it at least) to anyone that requests it
  5. Thanks so much, this is almost exactly what I had in mind! Wish I coulda done it myself, but music software is a bit beyond my capabilities
  6. Here I am lying in bed thinking about music, and this idea comes to me for a slow swing (about 120 bps) version of Luigis Circuit for Mario Kart Double Dash. as I lack the ability to create said idea, I would love it if someone could try to do one for me. If it were to be created, I noticed that there were no other remixes already made for Double Dash if that's an incentive. Thanks in advance
  7. Wow, it's really nice to see that people are still discovering this album I fell in love with it long ago, and have never regretted getting the entire thing on my slow as snails internet via individual track downloading. It took all night but was worth it XD Love the album, and love the remixes. And I really wish I could be as good as this, but my works are much to rough to even put on OCR :\ Anyway, good work and more music! XD
  8. Interesting... Maybe like a subdued drum beat that still carries the intensity, and only the lead part but softer. I get what you're saying, cool idea.
  9. Eh, I don't know. the problem with rap is that very rarely is it used as musical expression, it's more about the words. I agree though, it would be interesting to hear
  10. Seconded. These would be good songs to try, and I also reccomend Walrus Cove and/or Icicle Village for remixes too.
  11. Hello, my username is JWDragair which someone may or may not have heard of before. It's a unique name that fashioned for myself out of my first three initials and an army from the old Dragons toys. Anyway, I'm an avid musician and have been for several years, playing mainly jazz and swing. I've known about this site for many years now, but only recently have I decided to become seriously active. I'd love to be a remixer, but honestly I just don't have the equipment for it. So, if anyone has the need for a saxophone player who talks to much and has way too much time on his hands, let me know. Oh, and thanks to all the remixers here at OCR, you've kept me entertained for a very long time now
  12. Have you heard "The Crossroads" by Jovette Rivera on here? It was part of the Voices of the Lifestream project and is one of the best remixes for this song anywhere on the internet. If you haven't heard it, check it out it may just be what you're looking for.
  13. Lol, I'm not sure exactly. I think that this as a project would be a great idea to do, it would just be very difficult to pull off. There are some songs in the Zelda series that need to have a little softness to them, although it is definitely possible to have a kind of metalness to them. As a musician, I'm more of a swing/jazz artist, but I would be happy to help arrange anything that anyone has in mind. Just bear in mind that I don't have an arranging software, so everything is done by hand with a piano, a pencil, my friends guitar, and a whole lot of patience
  14. I think it's an excellent idea, actually, and not as restrictive as you might think. If you take some music artists ideas into consideration, it isn't uncommon to have instrumental intermission tracks, or even prelude/conclusion tracks in an album. Also, just having original lyrics with new music leaves different styles open for use; a swing track in the style of Count Basie is possible alongside a rock track a la Ozzy Osbourne. I don't know, you'd have to pick the right songs for each style. This is definitely worth looking into and also matches a request that I posted a few days ago. I can play saxophone and have a keyboard with about 250 different voices if you're interested; I just don't have a program to clean it up. If you want to collaborate, hit me up this is a great idea.
  15. I was doing a little searching when I found this site and was disappointed to find that there aren't many TLOZ remixes from the n64 generation of games. Ocarina of Time has more stuff than Majora's Mask, and even then any set of FF music dwarfs the TLOZ collections. This is a real shame because the music in the n64 generation was fantastic and I'd really like to hear it remixed and redone. And definitely more for Majora's Mask.
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