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*N/A* SSX 'Finally Finished'

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Email sub file EazyP-Finally Finished.mp3 - djp

Your ReMixer name : EazyP

Your real name : Pavo Miskic

Your email address : EazyP@hotmail.com

Name of game(s) ReMixed :SSX 1

Name of individual song(s) ReMixed: Finished Symphony

Additional information about game if it has not yet been added to the site, including composer, system, etc.: The original song is made by a guy called Hybrid, the game is for PS2

Comments: Well hello there, this is my 1st submission to OC Remix & after many trys at making songs I finally got one I think works. Its a remix of "Finished Symphony" from SSX for PS2(yes the 1st one). I basicly tryed to add alot of different styles of music into it and it looks like it works pretty well. Thanks for your time ^_^


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