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*N/A* SSX 'Finally Finished'

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Email sub file EazyP-Finally Finished.mp3 - djp

Your ReMixer name : EazyP

Your real name : Pavo Miskic

Your email address :

Name of game(s) ReMixed :SSX 1

Name of individual song(s) ReMixed: Finished Symphony

Additional information about game if it has not yet been added to the site, including composer, system, etc.: The original song is made by a guy called Hybrid, the game is for PS2

Comments: Well hello there, this is my 1st submission to OC Remix & after many trys at making songs I finally got one I think works. Its a remix of "Finished Symphony" from SSX for PS2(yes the 1st one). I basicly tryed to add alot of different styles of music into it and it looks like it works pretty well. Thanks for your time ^_^


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A guy named Hybrid you say?

Guess what?

You've "remixed" an electronica group's commercial song used in but not produced for SSX.

Finished Symphony isn't super, but this rearrangement is just sub-par. Bad mixing and bad sounds all around. Get more feedback next time by not submitting a violation.


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