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What's in a name?


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If you've got the skills to back up your claim, you could just drop your pseudonym and include a portfolio of your work when dealing with people on a professional level. Or make a separate website portfolio and just include your works online sans the nickname. That's what I've always done, because people think I'm a terrorist if they see my name. I separate my online identity from real life me, but the work I've done for free as side projects is just the same.

I really need to change my nick one of these days. I started using it in 7th grade back in 1997-98. The work required to transition without losing my online identity is a little troublesome though.

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Basically I agree with the points made here, but I do want to talk about search engine optimization. If you ever plan on using your pseudonym for more projects (eg. you decide to do more professional art pieces) or in general want more recognition, you want something that is unique. "zircon" is not unique because it's the name of a company that makes stud finders, as well as an element. It took me years to even get in the top 5 search results on Google, and I'm still not #1. In this sense, "The Otaku" is even worse. "The" doesn't really even get picked up by search engines and "otaku" is a generic term.

Hadn't even thought about that. A google search for bardicknowledge gives the D&D skill the name comes from, and then my twitter page. :P

Oh, and now I know why I had to be Bardic_Knowledge (with underscore) on photobucket lol. Should have claimed it there earlier, I guess.

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