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New mini-album up: Theft by Deception


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Hello! Been a long time since I've been here...so long I lost my old account details. :nicework: Some of you guys might know me from Soundtrackcentral or OSV, but I wanted to share some of my latest work with you.


Theft by Deception is my newest work, though this is really only the beginning of a series of smaller, thematic albums with an overarching musical style and story. It's not exactly jazz, but it is heavily jazz influenced, with some orchestral overtones and a little synth work, with two piano/cello duets as bookends. Con Passo Lento seems to be the one most people enjoy the most so far.

I wrote Waves a couple of years ago and it went over very well with people who listened to it. London Elektricity played/praised it on his podcast - something I will never forget! The sound is very much drum and bass meets orchestra. I've added a couple alternate versions and unreleased tracks to the extended set.

Also up is a small treat, some long-lost piano versions of a very old album of mine called Dessin. Originally, the music was all simple piano "sketches" (hence the name) but for some reason I gunked them up by laying out-of-place synth over the top. I thought the original, clean piano versions were long gone, but I found them recently, much to my delight.

Anyway, feel free to check them out. The streaming is totally free, but of course I'm not going to stop you if you want to purchase them (and therefore buying me a coffee.) More (and better) music is on the way too, and I plan to share some of that here.

Thanks. :)

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Ya know, i usually try to listen to and comment on original albums posted here. Cause remixing is one thing, but creating your own original works, and them being good, is another thing. I really enjoyed listening to Theft By Deception. The piano sounds decent, even though i think its all midi programmed, still excellent job though on that. That bass is thumping and right in your face sometimes, but i like a lot of bass. It does seem to be very jazz influenced. I don't usually listen to jazz all that much, but i'm diggin this. Like you mentioned, Con Passo Lento is probably my fav track though. The acoustic guitar work is also very well done.

I was thinking the piano was programmed, but now i'm not sure. Cause Suite Of The Damned sounds great with the piano work.

All around great listen mccall. :D I should check out your other 2 albums up on bandcamp.

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I like it so far. I think I find Coffee-Brown Eyes a cut above the other tracks. It's lively and mild. But I have to agree with jabond23 that it sounds a little too MIDI-y. I think the composition is nice, but if there were a way to get performers in on the action it would really settle well. Unless, of course, these are live instruments and I'm just hearing them wrong. I also like the bittersweet eerie-ness of Suite of the Damned - Entr'acte, But the contrabass(?) is a little distracting with its quality.:nicework:

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