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Gamey Mixture - a collection of video game remixes


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Gamey Mixture

I recently completed a collection of video game remixes (some could be construed more as artistic covers, I guess) that you all might be interested in. I tried to pick some games (or themes) that either have few or no remixes currently on OCRemix not only to increase my chances of eventually submitting them to the site itself, but to also draw attention to tracks you might be less familiar with. Some of the games chosen are Shadowrun (SNES), Startropics (NES), Magician (NES), and Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES).

Whether you dig electronica or instrumental rock, there's a bit of both spread throughout the 14 tracks. You can listen to each song on the site, download an individual track, or download the whole album. It's all free.


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Some fun tracks in there. Really dug the eastern styles on the Shadowrun track, and it's great to see that game get some attention.

Anyway, would you mind if I played a few of these tracks on my radio show/podcast, Radio Free Gamer? PM me if you have any questions about the show, or check out the links in my sig. Thanks!

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