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  1. Forgot to actually post the finished work: https://nebyoolae.bandcamp.com/track/faerie-pop-n-locking
  2. It took 11 years, but you got your wish: I’m working on one!
  3. It's kind of surreal to finally become a part of this community after many failed attempts. Working on a game soundtrack was a blast, and the game is really quite fun to play. Would do all of it again in a heartbeat.
  4. The Steve Reich-inspired piece really threw me for a loop the first time it came on. More minimalism needs to be harnessed for video game remixes.
  5. Thanks for checking out the tunes. I'll be PMing you for sure.
  6. Gamey Mixture I recently completed a collection of video game remixes (some could be construed more as artistic covers, I guess) that you all might be interested in. I tried to pick some games (or themes) that either have few or no remixes currently on OCRemix not only to increase my chances of eventually submitting them to the site itself, but to also draw attention to tracks you might be less familiar with. Some of the games chosen are Shadowrun (SNES), Startropics (NES), Magician (NES), and Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES). Whether you dig electronica or instrumental rock, there's a bit of both spread throughout the 14 tracks. You can listen to each song on the site, download an individual track, or download the whole album. It's all free. Enjoy!
  7. One of my favorite remixes of all time, I love the dark, almost claustrophobic effect the endless repetition of the minor key piano riff gives you. When the breakbeat comes in, the tension is turned up, but also the enjoyment. The lead piano is almost like daggers falling as a torrential rain, which could be seen as bad, but really works here. Overall, very sweet, if a bit unpleasant in mood.
  8. Hey Drew. I've submitted three pieces to OCRemix over the past several years and was rejected every time (the first go to judges' decision, and the others were never even replied to). It's hard not to take it personally, but I do. However, I keep coming back and trying because I love video games and video game music and making it. Never give up. I really dug your remix. It strays quite a bit from the source material, but is still recognizable. I like the instrumentation a lot, too. The dissonance starts to get a little overwhelming at about the halfway point, though. Overall, great job.
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