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Metroid Prime Remix


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Man that's a loud bass, it'll make the mixing difficult, so cut some lows from it or reduce its volume. There's some other volume edits you should be doing to get the track overall more balanced. Yep, I can barely hear the drums over all the loud synths, you gotta fix stuff. Think through your levels mixing. :P

A bit minimalist, but I think it's a creative take on the source. Arrangement has potential, tho using the same source over and over, in more or less the same way, gets repetitive. Finding another melody from the game to incorporate should make it easier to vary the source usage.

Ending is way too out of the blue, needs to transition better into it even if it's supposed to have a big impact. I kind'a like this track, but it needs a lot of work in the mixing department.

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Thanks so much man. I'll definitely take a lot of time working on the things you mentioned, cause yeah, i knew it was pretty messy, i just wanted to hear someone else tell me a little about what was up. and the sudden ending was just cause it was 4 in the morn and i wanted to export lol.

once again, thank you.

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