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Red Alert 2 - Hell March (Film)


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So, I'm working on some rep for a demo reel and I wanted to do an epic film score... and I wasn't really happy with any of the straight orchestral adaptions of HM2.

So, here's my take: think 300 meets Inception and you'll get the style


to do list:

proper ending, melodic development, transitional work

so, what do you think?

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Well, that seemed more like Inception meets Inception to me, but I did crap my pants. Epic squared by epic. I SO loved that plucky string thing that appears in spots like 3:08. It gave the piece an unexpected and awesome middle eastern twist. The ending starting at 3:55... well, I wanted it to feel grandiose, but it felt more like anarchy, very busy. That's the only thing I didn't like.

Also, holy hell! Nice bass drum sample! It had so much impact. Dang.

I know so little technically and involving theory, but I'm hoping that my honest observations prove to be of some value to you. If not, let me know and I'll shut up :)

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I like it a lot. It sounds nice overall, you're handling the samples well. I could stand for more alterations to some of the repeating motifs. It also seems backwards that you have toms (or whatever) so long before the big brass entering but then it was largely stick clicks. I'd say spread that repeating rhythm through some other percussion (cascading) so that it builds with timbre and volume--I think you'll like the result more. The clicks are great, but don't lose the toms for the impact moment. The last while is very Zimmer-esque and it sounds nice having the stuff together, but it needs to develop more rather than just repeat and keep layering stuff on top. Excellent work so far, though! And keep it up--I'd love to hear this finished.

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PR, I usually really look forward to every song you post, and after seeing that you were doing a take on RA2 (one of my FAVORITY GAMES / OSTs OF ALL TIME), I was stoked...

...but I feel a little let down. I'll give you one thing, it was uber epic, but it felt... almost too epic? Like it was a 4 minute long climax. If there is anything that categorizes orchestral music, it's that it is very fluid, very moving, but this song started with high energy and kept it all the way through.

Honestly, it felt like it was an orchestral song with the spirit of one of your techno songs.

It was a little off-putting for an orchestral song. The arrangement is good, or at least on the right track, but those dynamics and pacing problems really detract from the song as a whole, in my opinion.

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