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  1. Oh my... I didn't think this was ever going to see the light of day. Well, in my defense, 2 years ago it seemed like a good idea. ...just kidding it was a bad idea then too haha Congratulations on finally getting the album released, though! It's been a long, crazy journey, hasn't it
  2. PrototypeRaptor

    Can someone tell me what this effect is?

    Just adding my $0.02 here, though zircon and dannthr have covered the point pretty comprehensively. There's a recent 'In the Studio' session with Noisia where he explains his primary workflow, it's a fascinating watch and really makes you appreciate the lengths he will go to for a sound. You have to buy it from Futuremusic, but I would 100% recommend it: Anyway, I think you'll find most of these bass heavy guys will do this in some way - you split the bass up into a sub and a mid channel. The mid channel is where you'll do all the fancy tricks, the sub channel is for power and lo end. That noisia bass is definitely based off of some of the more exotic oscs in massive, and probably layered with a saw and some of the mod fx along with some unison detune/widening. To get that really 'convoluted' sounding reese you need to modulate a ton of internal frequencies, either with a combination of band pass/reject filters or an EQ mod. Then, there is a final, sync'd filter that gives it the 1/8th note wubs. This can all be done in massive, or, more typically, through several passes. ie: one wav is rendered out of the initial bass, then that is processed through filters and rendered again, etc, etc. Then you can layer the separate waves together to get even stranger frequency cancellations... and then match the sub layer up to the end result of all this for a huge, clean sound. Yes, it is a major pain
  3. this was really cool, glad this thread got bumped up! favorites are "the dark room" and "light" at the moment... fun prog vibes from those tracks. good work, man!
  4. I play occasionally as this is one of the few games that runs on my crap-top... still trying to come to grips with all the strategies, terms, etc... this game just seems needlessly complicated. I do enjoy playing as veigar and nuking junglers, especially that master yi fellow tag is PrototypeRaptor2
  5. PrototypeRaptor

    How to make this sound?

    You're looking for a progressive house/trance pluck: In nexus, there's a pluck called PL Combined Beauty that sounds reallllly close to this right out of the box... Some eq work and you'd definitely be close enough to fool whoever. You can also find that sound in any number of Sylenth1 and Massive "Progressive House" packs.
  6. PrototypeRaptor

    Surviving as a musician

    QFT! Live performances are really the only way to survive in the "normal" music business model as we know it, imo. But with the internet and its total integration with society at this point, I believe there are plenty of new entrepreneurial options out there to try if you stretch your imagination. EX: I've been toying with/trying to work out the logistics of setting up an "edm studio" where I could have one-on-one lessons via email/skype with interested producers covering not only mixing, but composition techniques - like a hybrid of traditional classical training geared toward writing interesting electronic music aimed at developing an individual's style instead of just HOW TO WOBBLE. gotta get creative at this point, but I'm probably just crazy
  7. PrototypeRaptor

    Music Marketing Online and Getting a Fanbase

    First of all, congrats on your new soundtrack, I know it will be killer! Second, to address your question of fanbase, it really boils down to how active and engaging you are, how much output you have, and how lucky you get. If you want to build a FB fanbase, you have to keep them interested in you through conversation, updates, etc. It's become a constant thing now through instant sites like twitter. Having lots of QUALITY output is also important - if the track is good, it will eventually find an audience... but you'll have to have more where that's coming from, and soon. And by good, I mean, REALLY good. You have to set the bar astronomically high and try to reach it - you're not allowed to be content with your mixing or composing to continue to be successful. Lots of modern artists nowadays I see having releases scheduled every month, even if it's an unofficial remix or something. Getting other kinds of attention is difficult; blogs are really scattered now and whether your stuff charts on places that matter like Hypem is basically luck of the draw. Starting out your best bet would be to try to garner a youtube following or post on forums you are respected and active in, like here. Basically, you have to have a damn quality product and be able to do lots more like it quickly, you have to be active and entertaining, and you have to either know someone or get lucky. Also, you have to keep trying. It's 80% about constant presence and 20% everything else haha
  8. PrototypeRaptor

    Symphonic Rock string library?

    Just FYI, there's a "lite" version of LASS that is significantly cheaper than the full library and would have all the features you need for the epic rock sound, though it is only strings. From personal experience with both libraries, the amount of time you will spend trying to get EWQL to sound half-way decent is about as long as it takes to do an entire mixdown with the LASS... there's really no comparison in quality, imo.
  9. PrototypeRaptor

    Post your SoundCloud

    well I guess I'll throw this out there: not too many ocremix materials as of late, but I'm always working on new stuff, including a new bootleg track when I hit 2000 followers (hopefully) pretty soon also halc and bbriggs are awesome and totally worth following
  10. PrototypeRaptor

    So... Dubstep?

    ...right...good luck with the producing aspect of it. Successful, popular dubstep* is about like 90% how good you can make your track sound and 10% musical interest. that being said, I'm a fan of the electro fidget step sound of people like zomboy, calvertron, porter robinson, mord fustang, some noisia, etc I don't really like straight up 140 half-time dubstep, though a huge guilty pleasure as of late here in the studio is excision's *obviously certain artists do more with their tracks music-wise, but most dubstep relies on its production strengths rather than modulations to the dominant
  11. PrototypeRaptor


    grumblegrumblePERCUSSIONISTSgrumblegrumble anyway, some favorites of mine have already been mentioned, but definitely check out (Richard) Strauss - Don Juan and Salome especially. His "tone poems" have some of the most bizarre orchestrations ever. also debussy's nuages, erik satie, john zorn, ligeti, penderecki (earlier stuff), and schoenberg
  12. PrototypeRaptor

    Popular Electronic Genres

    and probably live for about that long. moombahton is going to die faster than skrillex-step... talk about a "one trick pony" genre
  13. PrototypeRaptor

    Popular Electronic Genres

    uh... well, you shouldn't really be tailoring your music to a trend, you gotta write what's in your head... but if you're talking about "mainstream" EDM, bro-step is fire (see: excision), electro house is a close second (feed me, gartner, mau5), and tech-house always has a rabid following. I would wager that all "breaks" genres have taken a backseat to the 4 on the 4loor stuff at this point though, it's been awhile since the top 10 have been dominated by dnb, triphop, etc. also, "drumstep" is a fairly new thing that combines Dnb with dubstep and people seem to be catching on to it, if that interests you. high energy is the name of the game in the market these days
  14. PrototypeRaptor

    How to produce a "sucking effect?"

    good lord that almost made my head explode while listening in headphones... phew the flanger + stereo widening will work, although... you could try some HTRF (binaural) tricks if you REALLY want to mess with people's heads. some plugs will do all the background work for you, like:
  15. PrototypeRaptor

    Guide to MIDI Orchestration

    Welcome to the wonderful world of art, my friend The reason (IMO) no one ever agrees on a "book to learn how to write music" is simple: composition is entirely self-taught other than technique - and I say that as a senior music composition student at university. No one can tell you what you want to write - that is the equivalent of someone knowing your thoughts before you do. Only you can pluck the sounds from your head and put them to paper, which is what orchestration books (both midi and not) help you accomplish. No one was ever taught how to create music, and no book will ever show you how! I would say (from having been there myself) is that your frustration is coming from a lack of having something to SAY musically... but maybe you do, and if that's the case I really don't know what else to tell you other than to read the manuals for your specific sample library and try to program them as best as you can. A midi orchestration book will do nothing for you that the manual won't, and having a super clear image of what you want is 1000x more important to mock ups than the knobs are. So, to try to clarify for myself and others: what exactly are you trying to get out of this book? What is the end goal?