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EA Sports MMA music cue the I composed


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For those of you who purchased MMA from EA Sports today you can select “You shall not pass” as your fighter intro in the game (PS3/360).

This is the full extended version not released in the game (the shot version is in there) but I am so excited to finally bring this track public as it is one of my newest creations.

Being into martial arts for over a decade I was thrilled to be a part of the MMA game and wanted to create a track that had all the excitement and emotion of a fighter walking into a ring.

“You Shall Not Pass” was inspired by tracks from Enigma and dramatic scores such as the HALO soundtrack. I wanted to try a combination of heavy triumphant music with a deep side of ethereal mood as a contrast.

This track was primarily made with the IK multimedia sample library (Miroslav Philharmonik) and some custom Reaktor 5 synth goodness I brewed up for the analogue side of things. The drums were a combination of Battery and Lime Light.

As with my other tracks they are part of my online portfolio. Due to my contract with EA I am not allowed to sell or provide a download link but you’re welcome to take a listen here any time you wish.

Thanks for listening.

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