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Kontakt 4 Player Issue

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I'm trying to make use of Heavyocity's Evolve and Evolve Mutations bundles in FL Studio, via Kontakt 4. The issue I'm having is as follows:

I open a new channel with Kontakt 4. It opens in the Fruity Wrapper, and I scroll down to Evolve to select something. I choose multis. I'm using Your Worst Nightmare. I the Your Worst Nightmare.nkm file. It opens. I have all of the eight samples in that multi on the right at my disposal.

Here is where my problem comes in. If I send the channel to piano roll to play around with it, only the first sample listed (in this case "APT Getting Scared) gives me anything. Do I need to open up a Kontakt 4 channel for EACH of the eight samples in the "Your Worst Nightmare" multi in order to put them all into a piano roll? I would think NOT, because the purpose of the Kontakt player seems to be having a bunch of samples packed together (hence the multis that are present) and using them all on a single channel.

I'm not sure if anyone followed me up until now, but hopefully they did. I do realize, by the way, that if I change the Midi Ch to [A] 1 for any of the samples, then that's the one the piano roll detects, and if I set a bunch of them to [A] 1 then they all play at once, but is there any way I can call to each one of them separately, when I want them?

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The purpose of Kontakt is not to combine samples to use on a single MIDI channel;

one of its capabilities is to have multiple samples open so you can all route them to separate midi channels in one instance of kontakt.

You can use each of the 8 samples separately by adding MIDI out channels and setting each channel and port to the same as they are in Kontakt. feel free to IM/skype me if you're having trouble

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