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FLYING BATTERY ZONE (True to original)

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Just joined to post my little cover and what do I see? Another battery zone cover! Ha ha.

It's so awesome and groovy, I thought it deserved a very close cover (and I have other projects to outlet my creativity as it is!). So I wouldn't call it a "remix" for a second.

It does, however, have one small section I added myself ha ha.

Hope you enjoy it!


Criticism is welcome - believe me I'm used to it - but it IS finished, so I don't think I'll be putting anymore time into it.

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Really appreciate it fellas! I used a Schecter C-7 standard, and it has the stock pickups which are Duncan Designed HB 102s I THINK... Whatever they are they're like 95% the same parts as Seymour Duncan JB59s. Again I could be wrong ha ha, but I love em anyway!

Edit: feel free to link me to some more of your own works for when I check back, i'm all ears!

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