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  1. When I played Battletoads on the NES, the sounds were inspiring, and were very catchy. I find it a fun journey to see the composer bring those songs back to life, but in piano form makes it a whole new design. Even CellDweller improvised the theme song with David (incorporating his rocktronica / w Wise's sound design). It is a bold move to see a classic track return, and its composer still at it even today. I hope we might see Battletoads in a new form, to test our limits all over again. (and bring a slew of catchy songs too)
  2. Fascinating topic about this game's OST. From the outset, it stands out on its own. Wish more VGM's could follow by comparison. Ideas and concepts such as this one, are what we need more often.
  3. Interesting to see diverse opinions about XV thus far. I haven't played the demo as of yet, but reading descriptions intrigues me. The "open world" concept, including the time management system work in tandem well. But the grinding, its always been a part of the series. And watched some gameplay trailers, I feel that XV wants to break the mold from traditional RPG design. If FF can evolve, this may be the one to do so.
  4. I updated my copy, and tried training mode (plus trials). The timing is very crucial as always. But the technical moves are an aesthetic, it makes me wonder why we need satisfaction vs solid gameplay in a fighter. I have been a fan since the coin-op days. And I remember the scene very well. Since evolving with the online design. I feel like the series is missing something. In the VS games, the in-game shop didn't require us to be online. It was unlockable as we played through start to finish. That is what bugs me about SFV's money system, having to be forced to play online to gradually build up "credits" to unlock hidden content. Given its already in the game, offline store would be better. SFIV relied too much on DLC, it became overbloated, and unenjoyable to even try to catch up. What also grew too much was the roster. Although i do enjoy a plethora of characters, the game itself started to bend under the pressure of over-indulgence. I like where V is built on gradual additions to the selections. Another note, MKX however has a significant roster, and is still building to balance design vs gameplay. This is what V needs to build towards, becoming a rival again. *Have i played online? The answer is no, I read so many techincal notes, I don't find myself wanting to get frustrated until I am ready to go.
  5. Metroid Prime II = It fascinated me at first, how the light / dark word was implemented. It differs by exploration, and health stamina. But once you find a rhythm, the atmosphere around you also transforms. (LoZ- Twilight Princess) also reflects that same sentiment. Even though its been years since either game was released. It still contains moments you want to re-explore, and possibly find new challenges.
  6. Interesting. Although it still keeps that synth sound. It feels strong enough, but it echoes the exact same melody. Hmm, Are you trying to create your own nod to the OST or remastering the original tunes?
  7. Now this is an interesting track. I remember the OST for XG was heavy on tons of EDM names. But it stood out for the tracks by themselves. From the outset, your take on "Urban Motorway" is dead on good. I love the rhythm's and the timing. It just keeps a steady "heartbeat". Well done friend.
  8. Neat topic. Regarding the remaster, I think its in capable hands. Given X & X2 Remaster team are some of the dev members that worked on VII as well. In the past, the game was fitting for its time. The in-game engine was another story. I didn't mind it back then. Compared to now, its very limited. I am curious if they might add quick select, or snap attack options we've been so used to in recent FF titles. And the "Crisis Core" chapter, yeah I would love to see it also added. (I never got to play CC, but I was able to obtain the Collector's Edition of FFVIIAC "Last Order".) Given the additional abilities we'll get to use, I wonder if they might add more hidden options too.
  9. Interesting. So a different mission take on FFVII. I dig it. Actually there are so many different ways to play VII its kinda funny I rarely hear about this anymore. Here's a challenge. Try not to use any healing items once your team is together. (during the op is ok, since you can't heal yourself from the start) It makes for an neat test. ^^:
  10. o_o oh yeah I remember hearing about these. Ooh.. its just fun to think of what people are capable of.
  11. Hope this issue gets resolved soon. I have read about similar issues before on other communities as well. Good luck
  12. I met Iwata-san awhile back, very humble person. I can't think of any other way to describe him. Nicest guy you can just smile, and shake their hand. It feels weird without him being on this Earth anymore. But he did turn heads in the industry. And brought lots of smiles along the way. (and challenged a few too).
  13. I like this take on the classic "House of Healing" area. It was haunting to begin with, but now more majestic. And something you can dance to as well.
  14. Very humbling to hear a piano chorus dedicated to one of the mastered tunes in series history. I love the way each melody carries its own, and blends from start to finish. Well done.
  15. Not alone friend, i too loved Alpha. It humbled me to see how all the lines connected with each world warrior that are rarely explored anymore. i wished that more SF titles could get the chance to connect more dots, instead of a hint of a storyline within the immense roster.
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