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LEITBUR - You and I Could Rule the World


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Hey everyone!

I used to be active on Overclocked a loooong time ago (posted music under the moniker "Arkimedes"). I've been writing a lot of original material in the meantime and just finished mastering a synthpop album. It's all streaming at www.Leitbur.com. Let me know what you think!

Also, on that note, I think it's high time I put together another remix. Any requests that might fit my music style? =D

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This is actually really good stuff. Listening to it on the Bandcamp page.

Eye: No ground-breaking chord structures here, but the soundscape and instrumentation is perfect, and the vox are fitting.

Work: Quite a different flavor than the first. It's a little too Pop for me, but it's still well-done.

A Girl: Nice vocal work on this one. Production has a good balance. Has a bit of an eighties feel to it.

You and I: The Album namesake. A good choice. I'll pretty much echo what I said about "A Girl..."

Ghosts: This one changes things up a bit. We got some minor chords all over. It's a nice variation.

Look Alive: This one returns to original style of the album. It keeps the album cohesive after "Ghosts"

Friends: I really like this one. It fuses the major pop sound with a little hint of the elements in "Ghosts." Piano solo arpeggios work perfectly.

Tangled: Starting off minor, this one continues the transition from major to minor that began with "Friends." I like how you have ordered your tracks so far.

Siren's: The album continues to get darker with this slower paced, mellow piece.

Shine: Starts off with an entirely new soundscape. A sort of revitalization from the mellow "Sirens." This one is major, but it really stands out from the others because of its different instrument and beat choices.

Far Side: This is definitely one of the best tracks on the album. It dips into the minor keys again, but it isn't overbearing, it does an excellent job in closing the album.

Closing Thoughts:

I'm generally not a huge fan of the modern Pop sound so not all of the tracks were my style, but this was still a solid production. There are no obvious glitches, the synths are unique, the beats are solid, and the vox blend very well with the soundscape. I'd have to say my favorite track was "Eye of the Storm" followed by "On the Far Side" and "More than Friends."

Great work, bro! I'd buy it if I had the cash. haha

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