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  1. Rise! This year I participated in February Album Writing Month, and I took that opportunity to finally lay down music based on a story premise I've had in my head for years. The result is my first album since 2014. One song even features fellow ReMixer colorado weeks! Now, let's pop the Champagne as we toast to the fine ways of Madame Biplane.
  2. In my mind, this is what a ReMix is and should aim to be conceptually. It reminds me of what made the original so cool, but opens up a side door to imagine what the wider compositional universe would be like.
  3. The big question for me is what platform(s) it'll be on. I can maybe get it running on my PC, but if it's going to consoles I can probably just borrow my brother's PS4. I jumped off the whole gaming thing for years now, but this game could be worth jumping back in.
  4. I think I mentioned this before, but yeah: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01006
  5. This finally solves the mystery of what genre my ReMix is. For the longest time listeners kept calling it "sadpianostep".
  6. I'm posting in here so I can remind myself to contact you later.
  7. There's something weirdly exclusionary about the idea of games being focused on "hardcore gamers" or "legit gamers". Generally films don't go about saying "this is for film-buffs only", nor novels "for the bookworm". I thought the whole idea of OCR was to appreciate something that a group of specific people like, and pushing that passion out to the larger audience. With games I think the goal should be not to pander to the wider audience, but to present the supposed "hardcore" games as just games that anyone can play.
  8. The book is way better. They cut out so much stuff for the film version. The preceding two sentences are a joke.
  9. bLiNded by delight! Happy birthday.
  10. I'm glad I watched World's Greatest Dad years earlier. It would be impossible for me to watch it now, given the new context. (film spoiler follows) Oddly enough I was debating with someone back then whether the film would have worked better with a tragic ending -- I incorrectly predicted that Williams' character would kill himself when he runs to the swimming pool at the end, thus giving him the posthumous version of the literary fame he always wanted. It's insanely portentous thinking back on that conversation. But anyway, this has been a profound loss.
  11. Hey everybody look at Brandon he's seen a movie five times he's crazy
  12. A person may play a 40-hour video game once. Another person may watch a two-hour movie six times. To make a tired point, which one of us is truly crazy?
  13. I'm about to do my sixth viewing. I love me some world-building space opera/sci-fi, especially when it has as many fun moments as this film has.
  14. Well, that's certainly something. Rather than derail this thread, you can private message me about it. Thanks.
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