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Motion Controllers (Wii, Move, Kinect)


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So I tried the Kinect and the Move yesterday and I thought I would post my thoughts.


The Kinect feels like some device from the future. Your hands guide the cursor along the menus and the whole experience just screams of sci-fi moments from Minority Report and the like. That being said, the Kinect is also horribly slow, with very noticeable lag between your actions and the on-screen actions. The Kinect has to actually watch your motions, so everything is delayed so that the Kinect can keep up with your body. It feels sort of disconnected and strange. Navigating menus is easy enough once you get used to the floaty, delayed controls, but since there's no buttons, you have to hold your hand over the option you want until a little bar fills up to accept your command. That's going to get old really fast. Most of the games are based on very basic gestures (just like the Wii) but the gestures are more complex and varied since they involve more than just waving your wands.


The Move looks and seems like another Wii, but it is most certainly not. The Move is accurate, frighteningly accurate and fast. The game I played did require a quick calibration before each play (the Kinect did not), but it takes literally 5 seconds to calibrate and you're ready to go. Using two Move controllers (instead of one Move controller and one Wii nunchuck-type Navigation controller) is an amazing experience, one that the Wii and the Kinect cannot hope to duplicate. Outside of regular gameplay, the Move works almost exactly like the Wii, it has a large Move button in the center (like the A button on the Wii) which does most of the actions and accepts menu commands and a cursor on the screen helps you aim the Move controller at the screen.

This article pretty much sums up my thoughts: http://technolog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/11/03/5404213-kinect-vs-move-vs-wii-fight

TL;DR- Kinect is Wii 2.0, Move is freaking sweet.

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My DS Lite gets far, far more use, and that's not even an everyday thing.

Next Nintendo console is going to have to really impress me, seeing how even the PS3 and 30 aren't wowing me with anything. In fact, all three have to really impress me next gen, because this gen was kind of uneventful. I can finally afford any of the consoles, and none of them have anything I want to play.

This is pretty much what I was going to say. I haven't played move or kinect, but why would I? The only currentgen console I have is the Wii and I don't play it. I play my DS a lot more as well, and yeah, it's not even close to an every day thing. More like every three weeks. I'd probably use it a lot more if it were a DS lite and not a DSi though. This whole line of discussion makes me wonder if maybe I'm just done with console gaming.

Anyways, I still can't see anything here other than Sony and Microsoft trying to go to where the money is.

Pretty hilarious considering how many times I've heard people (read: fans of MS/Sony and the occasional spokesperson) claiming that the Wii was just a gimmick, especially a few years ago when the console wars were in full swing. Yet now, both competitors would release an imitation and, I assume, want consumers to think that it's not a gimmick anymore. Which brings me to:

I think Reggie's description of Wii as a Blue Ocean Strategy is apt...it's only profitable if it's considered new and innovative. MS and Sony are eager for a piece of the pie, but at this point the fad is dying down and they've missed their opportunity; in other words, competition has already turned the ocean red.

Well, I would say the Wii was profitable not because it was considered new and innovative, but because it actually was new and innovative. And I also wouldn't say the fad is dying down, because we don't really know if motion-based gaming is a fad or a permanent thing at this point. Aside from those word choices, I think you're exactly right.

My version of things goes something like: Nintendo anticipated high demand for motion-based gaming and that Microsoft and Sony didn't. The technology is simple enough that any of them could have implemented it, and the only reason not to was that they thought it would be a waste of money. So Nintendo launches the Wii, it's immediately sold out, and over the next three years it becomes the best-selling console ever with several of the best-selling games ever. MS and Sony think, "Hey maybe we should have done that." So last year, amidst high Wii sales (and before their peak in December), Sony and MS announce their entry into the market for motion-based games. Now there's a global recession and game sales have been down for seven months by the time these new products hit the market. I think they're probably totally boned, and I expect many consumers to say "Hey, didn't I buy one of these three years ago?" So it fits the definition of a red market for sure, but that's not really a term I knew before reading your post and the wiki page.

It's also worth pointing out that the Wii has been cheaper than the 360 and PS3 this whole time afaik. What this means for MS and Sony is that anyone interested in arm waving and whatnot over the past few years probably already bought a wii, regardless of whether or not they had the other consoles (since obv Kinect and Move didn't exist). If you were buying your first console today and cared about arm waving, you would probably buy a Wii, which pioneered the feature, has the most games that use it, and remains the cheapest option. This is significant. It leads me to believe the Kinect and Move would mostly be sold to people who already have a 360/PS3 but who had little interest in arm waving before now. And to people who buy everything.

So: MS and Sony might be able to get more money from some of their current customers, but attract few new customers. This is a simplification though, because personal preference plays a large role in the console market and because the Wii, Kinect, and Move really aren't the same.


I wonder if this will lead to more cross-platform games? It would also be worth looking at the effect THAT would have, but I've embarrassed myself enough with this monsterpost.

EDIT: It also just occurred to me that there are a great many Wiimote hacks and that there will probably be a surge of hacks for Move in particular, especially after the price goes down.

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