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  1. I'm not a judge, but this is a unique, creative, and well-executed arrangement. The source material is easily distinguishable, yet it's clearly not a note-for-note cover. In other words, it's exactly the type of thing that would fit perfectly on this site, IMO. Good luck!
  2. Oh my God, Mariachi Entertainment System covering Grim Fandango? It's like someone plugged directly into my brain. The rest of the album is awesome as well of course, but man that just made my day.
  3. I'm honestly blown away by how good this is. It's been a long time since I've heard anything near this level of both arrangement and performance. Bravo!
  4. I don't know if Amaterasu has released an album but he's got a piano/violin arrangement of Angel's Fear.
  5. Anyone needing piano lemme know. Or maybe one of Gilgamesh's arms could be rock organ? *wink wink nudge nudge*
  6. Okay, I've fixed the Reuben Kee links. Some central/cloud hosting sounds like a great idea though!
  7. Accurate sheet music for video games sounds like it would be a tremendous resource for ReMixers, and I wholeheartedly support this. It might be a good idea to collaborate with VGMusic.com on this effort. The accuracy is a little hit and miss with their MIDIs, but it could be a good place to start. Their webmaster Powerlord is member of the OCR forums and would be a great resource. I'm equally, if not more, interested in sheet music for ReMixes. Transcribing my arrangements has been something I keep intending to do, but I just never seem to get the time. I do get requests occasionally though and I always feel bad that I have nothing except MIDIs to offer. So I'd love to see an official OCR compilation happen, and although I don't have the time to contribute on the labor side, I'd definitely pitch in some funds to compensate people for their time and, if financially and legally feasible, back a Kickstarter for a physical book. Anyway, here's the thread for the OCR Sheet Music project: http://ocremix.org/community/topic/3373-site-help-ocr-sheet-musictabsmidis/ There are a lot of broken links I need to fix, but hopefully it's a decent starting point.
  8. That would be amazing, thank you!
  9. Agreed! It's too bad your Kickstarter didn't get funded...this take already sounds good as it is, can't imagine what you could've done with the extra studio time!
  10. I'm not qualified to give advice with regard to mixing, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed the track! Hope to hear more from you!
  11. And kudos for that. I think your "steel man" argument hit most of the points I was about to bring up; basically, it's not just the use of violence against women, as no one is breaking out the pitchforks when Mario hits Peach in Smash Bros...it's also the way in and extent to which it is used.
  12. Dhsu

    Dota 2

  13. His albums are so frigging good.
  14. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    Well I went ahead and created an OCR league. ID is 244100 in the case anyone is actually interested. Password is "ocr".
  15. Hm...this might actually motivate me to finish the remake on my phone.
  16. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    Anybody in a fantasy league? I need points for my compendium.
  17. I bought an X-Fi sound card solely because of the CMSS-3D headphone technology (worth it), so this interests me muchly.
  18. I guess my real question is do I need to bother getting Theatrhythm at this point?
  19. So is this a sequel or more of a "Game of the Year" edition?
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