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Gradius II & III and R-Type remixes?

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So I've made requests about these games before, but am still really anxious to see something come of them!

I just recently got my hands on a copy of Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou (also known by its European name, Vulcan Venture) for the PCE/Turbografx (as opposed to Gradius 2; weird hiccup in the series), and I am simply giddy about the music. The tracks from the first two stages, Burning Heat and Synthetic Life, are simply outstanding, and overall, the music in the game is fantastic.

And of course, I've always adored the music from the SNES port of Gradius III since I was young, particularly Fire Scramble, Mechanical Base, as well as Uncharted Territory, all of them getting a frequent listen on my iTunes. It was, however, good to finally see some submissions for Gradius III in the past year.

But one thing I'm surprised about is the lack of R-Type remixes. I've always thought that the music from that series, whether it be from the original (Arcade/Turbografx), Super R-Type (SNES), R-Type II (Arcade), or R-Type III (SNES), was absolutely amazing and well-written, and very deserving of remixes, and although djpretzel's remix of Solitary Flight from Super R-Type was pretty awesome, I crave more. So much more.

I think the music from these shmup legends are being overlooked, and these great tracks deserve to be transformed into equally great remixes. I'm hoping to see some awesome mixes of these in the near future!

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I might be totally wrong, and this also might suck, but I think this music is from R-type when I played it over 20 years ago an arcade that was oddly listed in the phone book as IREM Corp. (Well, I mostly just watched my friend beat it in 1 quarter a few times since I could only beat the giant ship and die on the next level.) The music might have changed a lot as it sloshed around in my head all that time. I added some (which is a little obnoxious), and I probably forgot some too.


I was just searching for R-type music to see if I could place it.

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