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  1. The resolutioners peeved me a bit as well, but they seem to be gone already.
  2. Does anyone know if there's a way to do some weight training at Magfest? If the hotel has a gym or there's anything nearby?
  3. Great job A small addition: The place called Ketchup is slightly expensive, but they have the most amazing fries (and a multitude of different ketchup types). If money is no issue, I guess it's worth a visit ..I should make a checklist to make sure I drop by all the places.
  4. Hey!

    You said you were up for an attempt at the song, that's awesome :)

    When will you have a chance to give it a try? And is there anything in particular you need first?

  5. I'm working on a cover version of the song Misty Mountains (Cold) from The Hobbit. I've got most of the arrangement in place, but I'm suffering from a lack of microphones and a deep voice. If you don't know the source, 's the original song. I need someone who can match this somehow, it would be much appreciated.This is what the arrangement sounds like so far.
  6. Chicken breasts, cottage cheese and kidney beans is pretty much the staple of my diet nowadays. From all the information I've been able to gather, that (with some vegetables added) should be a sufficient basis. I've seen the egg discussion countless times though, it seems people can't really agree whether eggs are bad or not...
  7. My gym used to have a playlist with a ton of ballads and such, really terrible music to lift to. Recently they compiled a playlist from what the regulars wanted, which is (off the top of my head) Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest (nothing gets that lift going like the intro to Painkiller), Metallica and the likes. I'm really content I've been slacking a bit the last couple of weeks, but I'm ready for the new challenge!
  8. What Brushfire said. I watched the clip three times, and I still have no idea how she does her push-ups. Hypnotic!
  9. I'm looking forward to it! This made me feel like I'm 16 and playing FFXI again!
  10. I'm kind of late to the party here, but I finally finished the game last night. I was wondering the same thing though, a couple of those last scenes made absolutely no sense: I chose to destroy all synthetic life, so when that energy pulse was released, I assumed it would only destroy the reapers and geth. But Joker tried to escape the pulse and now they're stranded on some undisclosed planet. Is that a good ending? I also wondered why Garrus came out of the Normandy in that scene, as he was with me until the end. Do the crew members present in this scene differ from game to game? And is that the only thing my choices throughout the game affected? I do think the ending was fine otherwise though, I don't really see what people were so negative about.
  11. I added my number. I hope to see you all there!
  12. How about a Lost Odyssey collab? I've wanted to take that track on for ages
  13. I think the album tracks already get all the exposure they need with the album releases, which are much more advertised than mixposts anyways. I must admit I completely ignore mixposts for a while whenever an album is released.
  14. Blue Dragon boss music? Really? The one with the cringeworthy vocals that made me turn off my Xbox and never touch the game again?
  15. There was some discussion here about it when it came out, apparently those who tried it were rather underwhelmed. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=31018&highlight=rammfire&page=3
  16. Wow, that's really fascinating! Most certainly useful as a reference when shopping for new mics.
  17. Haha, me too! My primary guitar is an Ibanez RG2570 - Bought for about 1100 dollars a couple of years ago. My feelings about this guitar are pretty much the same as Fishy's about the 1570. As for the rest: -An Ibanez SA260FM that's been pretty much downgraded to a backup guitar -The BC Rich Mick Thompson signature, although with a Dimebucker that's probably about the same value as the guitar itself. It's tuned to D, and I keep it handy for those extra heavy rhytm tracks. -No-brand acoustic nylon guitar from a custom shop in Denmark
  18. Movie controls for cutscenes. Yeah! I for one often miss parts of cutscenes, and would like to rewind to catch what actually happened. And of course pausing.
  19. It's a real tragedy. On a sidenote, is the news coverage in the US slower than in Norway? I mean, since you seemed to hear the news from me first?
  20. I'd also suggest looking for something outside Oslo though. Apartments in Oslo cost way more than they're worth, and the standards aren't always up to par. If you're the type who likes to go to pubs and/or nightclubs, the alcohol prices are as mentioned insane. In addition, I feel there's more agression latent in Norwegians than other nationalities, which really comes to show when there's alcohol involved. Could just be my impression though.
  21. Norway isn't that awesome. I live near Oslo though, feel free to hit me up if you want to talk. I'm usually found on IRC, MSN and Facebook
  22. I tried Alpha Protocol for 1 hour, and hated it. It was kind of like Mass Effect, as if a prototype of it. The dialogue system was great from what little I could see of it, but the rest of the gameplay was unpolished, to put it that way. KOTOR and the two Deus Ex games (oh wait, right, there's only one Deus Ex game) are nice to finally have bought though.
  23. Went for Deus Ex. So there are new deals daily, I'm really looking forward to see what else they'll be selling cheap.
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