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What synthesizer should I get?


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For about that price, I would recommend Komplete. I have the previous version, 6, which came with three powerful synths (Absynth, FM8, and Massive), a versatile synth/effect design environment (Reaktor) (and some synths that work in that environment), and samples (Kontakt, Battery). The new version has more cool stuff in it.

About the links you posted... the first two might take some work but Absynth should be able to handle it. Most synths should be able to handle the synth stuff in the rest of the examples, tho if you're looking for a more realistic sound, the many sounds in Kontakt and the acoustic kits in Battery should help you out there.

Something less versatile but more user-friendly (and imo a powerhog) and definitely a capable synth is Omnisphere, which leaves you with a little more money after the purchase, enough to supplement it with a scaled-back version of Komplete, perhaps?

That's what I use, but there are others. I've heard good things about Alchemy, so that might be worth checking out as well.

Tho I gotta ask, by synth, do you mean a synth or any kind of virtual instrument? Are you talking about synth sounds or samples? Or both? You are talking about a software synth, not a real-world synth machine+keyboard thing, right?

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