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Synth guitars, MIDI Pickups GVOX and other technologies


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The VSTi's are becoming more interesting and convincing every day, which made me think: synthesized guitars will finally become more popular?

I dont have much time to learn how to play the keyboards decently and, if a synth guitar or a MIDI pickup is cheaper than a keyboard midi controller, it'd be a very nice idea!

So, I start searching about it.

What about Roland pickups, Soonus, Shadow Pickups, or old stuffs like Gvox...



Anybody here have experience in synthesized guitars?

Anybody here have any knowledge of MIDI pickups like Roland Gk3 or indication of any products?

Thank you all!

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Back when I was in college, my class took a trip down to Sounds Expo in London (I think it was 2007?).

Anyway, there was this guy doing a semi-spoken work set with this blues honky-tonk backing he was playing on his guitar. I think he was demoing the Roland gear actually, but he was telling this story about him going out into the woods and being attacked by badgers before being picked up by the rodent police (or something ridiculous to that effect).

Anyway, he was annotating his story with loads of samples that he'd set to trigger when he played certain things at certain points in his story. I remember it being really funny.

After the demo, I started speaking to him about it and, with it being a booth for the company, he had nothing but good things to say about it. But there was this other guy there too who was talking about latency issues with the pickup itself.

That being said, I don't know how effective it would be to actually play in realtime as a proper synth. I imagine for padding it shouldn't be much of an issue though.

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A slight departure (again) but...

Turns out my father in law has recently acquired a Yahama EZ AG to drive his synths. Apparently it's quite good, but doesn't pick up some of the intricate bits. I'm looking to borrow it at some point and use it in some mixes I'm working on.

I can't play keys very well, so using it for driving synths/vsts or as a quick fix to help notate scores etc could be quite helpful.

I'm planning on looking further into the realm of midi guitars in the next couple of months, so I'll come back and let you know how it goes. :-D

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