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  1. Dang, I missed that message until just now; shoot me an email or IM next time and I'll definitely join!

  2. I'm super interested in the Persona 2 one. Dibs on that.
  3. Nice entries, everyone! Really sad to see so many drops, though Standout tracks for me were definitely both Kuwangers (such a tough vote) and Jason's unfinished Earthbound reference. Stoked for the next round for sure!
  4. Thanks, man! I had to head out of town on Thursday afternoon, so I had the opposite problem with time. Best of luck and I can't wait to hear the mixes!
  5. Well, it wasn't what I was hoping, but I'll at least be able to turn in a song. Finishing up now, will sub soon!
  6. Ugh, this isn't going as well as I had planned. Really not feeling this, but we'll see.
  7. Ok, this is gonna work. How's everyone doing with their songs?
  8. Blizzard Wolfang is like, the least energetic Megaman song I've ever heard I WILL MAKE THIS WORK
  9. Whoa, this is quicker than I expected. That's alright, I can deal. TOMORROW.
  10. If we wait longer, we'll be doing the later rounds during midterms, which sounds awful. I'm all for starting this as soon as we can. Any news on the brackets, Darke? At the very least, I think it'd help for us to have a rough idea when this is happening so we can plan around it.
  11. Man, I really really can't wait to start this. Practicing my metal vox already. Any idea when brackets will be up?
  12. Awriiiiiight, Flame Stag. Gonna be at my best here, bring it on!
  13. <3 Screw it, someone else already first picked Cyber Peacock. My new choices are: 1. Flame Stag (X2) 2. Cyber Peacock (X4) 3. Spark Mandrill (X) 4. Magna Centipede (X2) 5. Jet Stingray (X4) Looking forward to yelling into a mic about the most metal stag ever
  14. 1. Flame Stag (X2) 2. Cyber Peacock (X4) 3. Spark Mandrill (X) 4. Magna Centipede (X2) 5. Jet Stingray (X4) EDIT: I swapped my first two picks since someone else already had Cyber Peacock
  15. I'm definitely interested in this! Sign me up, I'll post my track choices in a bit.
  16. AMT

    Nintendo 3DS

    Whoa, holy necrobump, Batman. So, howabout that XL?
  17. Congrats all, especially Brandon! Best of luck in the rest of the compo, and I can't wait to give it another shot in the next one
  18. Votes in, lyrics submitted, sleep desired
  19. ^ This. Finished my song! I have no shame.
  20. Strange, stupid, but fun! It's safe to say that this is way out of my usual comfort zone and its probably not something I'll try again, but it's definitely going to be... interesting. We'll leave it at that for now. I'm also going to be really surprised if Brandon's song is in any sort of similar style.
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