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DKC3 Water World - "Nostalgic Waters"


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GRAVEDIGGING LEVEL OVER 9000!! :tomatoface:

This has been in the dust for too long, and I decided to finish it. I'd like to have some fresh feedback on my new version before I consider subbing it. I'm still a noob with FL studio, so I'm having a hard time with this.

Anyway, I did my best clearing and buffing up the production, but I'd like to know what you guys think of it :)

Here's the new link: Nostalgic Waters v3

EDIT: EHRMMMM. The export failed, I hadn't noticed x_______x sorry about that, I'll update the link when I fix it

EDIT#2: fixedddddd!

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Over saturation abound!

Yeah I ain't going to pull any punches bro, you wanted feedback you GOT feedback ;D

Am I right in guessing that you've got a reverb on the whole drum kit? take it off, apply reverb to separate sections of your drum kit as appropriate. For specifics, make sure the kick doesn't have reverb on it when its part of the full soundscape. You can probably get away with it when its solo at the beginning like it is. Also, you need to bring down the delay and reverb on that PWM synth at 0:16. Sounds ok when it comes in, because the soundscape is sparse. However, you need to make sure you don't over compensate for the big picture. Reverb and Delay are POWERFUL, and you need to treat them in moderation, because things start to get a little reverb muddy at 0:33 because of that snare, and of course, when the pads enter, things start to sound washed out. The lead at 1:35 is too wet with reverb. Might have worked better if everything else wasn't so washed out but i'd have still said it was too wet :P

The piano at 2:51 is a tad on the loud side, also hurts my ears a bit, could be my headphones. The main issues persist throughout, since you use much of the same instrumentation, so if you fixed the reverb you'd probably make the whole track sound much cleaner. I get you're going for a washed out sound, but don't overdo it! :D

Keep on working at it bro.

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