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While I've been around for a while, and just recently started creating feedback on the site, I'm probably as new as new can be when it comes to remixes.

I am a musician of sorts (mainly guitar), so that's a start and have some general ideas for songs I'd like to work with. The music genre I'm looking at is probably along the lines of industrial and rock, or hard electronica.

However, I don't know where to start, and a VERY limited budget.

I should note that my computer is running on Linux (Ubuntu), 1GB of RAM, 500GB SATA HD, and a Radeon 9600 Xstacy video card with an AMD Athlon XP 2100+

Any help would be appreciative.

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Well, you need a DAW. Ardour is the biggest for Linux, but since I'm not a Linux user I have no idea if it's any good. Then you need sounds, and while I'm sure there are free plugins in linux-compatible formats I have no idea about their quality. Once you find a compatible sampler, you can use whatever samples it can use, probably the typical audio files (usually wavs) and maybe soundfonts (.sf2).

Google is your friend, ask him. For plugins, see what your DAW of choice can use, and search KVRAudio for freebies in that format.

Recording shouldn't be hard with Audacity or within the DAW itself, but dunno what recording capabilities you have and how well linux handles that stuff.

Your computer specs seem a little limited. Perhaps looking into trackers rather than traditional DAWs would serve you better. (google is your friend)


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I downloaded Ardour. Nice program, except I wouldn't know the first thing to do on it.

That, and I don't think I know how to download plugins >_> Yeah, apparently I'm way down on the bottom of the foodchain on n00bism. Yikes!

Anyways, I guess a good start is to find out which plugins I could use. I'm looking into using any that would be along the lines of 2 guitars, bass, and drums. A rock-out kind of sound. I think this would be a good start as I'm pretty dedicated into wanting to make a remix. I know there are a ton of other songs/genres I want to mess around with, but I'm thinking of just messing with the basics would help before going hardcore into something else.

I've already downloaded hydrogen drumming program, and sadly, I figured that out faster than I did with Ardour <_< And that was because I was messing with the demos they had.

Linux does seem to be limited, but that's fine, primarily because Linux isn't a resource hog, and with something as basic as what I'm wanting, I don't think it'd be too much of a problem.

I am a guitarist, so no need for lessons there :P

I do have a USB plugin from my guitar straight into a computer (First Act, I know, n00b materials, but it was the only one I knew existed at the time). I recall the first time I tried to use it, I got a major echo from my computer. I decided if I were to use that again, I'd do it without sound on the computer so that I won't lose myself trying to hear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ^_^

I won't make my remix a surprise, primarily because I could use the feedback. I'm looking into remixing the Atma Weapon song (I know its called something else, but I can't remember) from Final Fantasy VI. Yeah, another Final Fantasy song, but this is something I've been wanting to do for some time.

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