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Attack on the Lab


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A little background. I had some free time one day and cranked this out on Finale back in 2009. I then got Finale 2010 for Christmas and updated the samples a little, tweaking some things here and there. I don't necessarily plan on fixing it up any more, but I figured, while I'm on a forum devoted to music, I could get a little critique on it.

This track was to go along with a poorly drawn and crudely animated cutscene to a non-existent game based on a cliche teen/young adult superhero story that's been in the back of my [insert adjective here] mind (no, I don't plan on linking to anything other than the music. I don't want to hurt you. :roll:). Basically, this music takes place when two lead scientists on a top-secret government project are trying to get rid of the only prototype of a device they've been working on before a mad scientist breaks in and steals it. In the end, the military base gets destroyed, but the prototype escapes, leading into the title and main theme at the end.

For a breakdown, the majority of the piece is a bunch of different variations of the mad scientist's theme, with the main hero theme appearing in a mysterious tone at the beginning and a quiet tone at the end.

My main qualm about it is that it sounds empty to me. I'm sure there are other technical errors as well (considering my lack of any musical theory or orchestration training), so you can be honest. It's just a hobby, so you're not going to crush any of my hopes and dreams or anything like that. :wink:


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