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  1. I just took a look at the OP . . . wow. I apologize about the oversized video links and outdated info. Housekeeping done, should be easier to find stuff, and actually, there are 7 tracks available! Have at it!
  2. The thread title is accurate unfortunately. We are still looking to fill some slots. I believe the original post has an updated list of open tracks. If you're interested, shoot me a message!
  3. AS HAVE I! Obviously. Apologies to everyone. It has been a busy last couple of months, and things have admittedly been slow for a while. But I'm back, and we'll be getting the ball rolling again soon.
  4. Then the joke's on you I guess ^_^

  5. New deadline! September 30th! 3 tracks still available! . . . Mainly the 3 tracks still available part. That is all.
  6. Just wanted something noticeable. Probably overkill, but ya know.
  7. Sooooo . . . ahem. I feel the need to remind everyone that: 1. I will make official project posts. 2. If I need to communicate with project members about an issue, I will do it through email or PM. This thread is not the place for that. 3. If project members want to discuss tracks, WIPs, or project issues, they can PM/email me, PM each other, or post it in the project forum. Which has been publicized in giant bold print in the post above. Completely unsolicited by the way. 4. This thread is not for running the project, talking about issues, or venting. (*coughpreviouspostcough*) 5. This thread
  8. Haven't made a post here in a while, but since I'm not supposed to run the project here, that's okay. Just updating this to let everybody know that 2 tracks have reopened! "King of the Koopas," the final battle music is now available, as well as Chapter 4: Shy Guy's Toybox. I have the boss music from that chapter posted, but any music from that chapter is perfectly acceptable. If you have any interest in either of these tracks, shoot me a PM with some reference work, and we'll get the audition process rolling!
  9. Yeah, I don't know about the title either. Best I could think of. Anyway, I had the news playing in the background today, and they were talking about a North Korean propaganda video. They played a clip, and I was like "Hey, wait! I know that tune!" You know you've composed something pretty memorable when a national government uses it for their propaganda.
  10. And just like that, all of the main slots are filled again. Thank you to jnWake for picking up another track, as well as majorjazzman for taking on a track. As with the last time the roster was full, we're focusing on bonus track volunteers. And as previously mentioned, I mean bonus tracks as in not part of the main story section of the album. All other album requirements still apply to these tracks. Let's keep it moving along! The more the merrier!
  11. It's been a while since I posted an update. So, without further delay, I'll let you all know that we have 2 tracks that have reopened in total. The first one is "The Story of the Stolen Star Spirits," while the second one can technically be anything from Chapter 1 (the Koopa chapter) of the game. I just left the Koopa Bros. track on as default because it seems to be the most well known of the Chapter 1-specific source tunes. Anyone up for a track? I've got two options ripe for the taking. And don't forget about the bonus section. Got a source that doesn't neatly fit in the Chapter divisions? L
  12. "Thomas Was Alone" has a pretty good soundtrack in my opinion. It's short and pretty minimal, but the mix of sounds emotion make it an enjoyable listen. (The game is pretty solid too but that's another topic entirely). More mainstream, you've got the orchestral stylings of either Super Mario Galaxy, the ethnic blend of Sonic Unleashed, and the nostalgia factor of Sonic Generations. Portal 2 wasn't bad either. A bit on the heavy side, and there's a lot of it, but I thought it was good too. Mixed feelings about the whole soundtrack, but any version of "Nate's Theme" from Uncharted also has my vo
  13. Bit of an update. Pl511 has expressed that he needs to withdraw from the project. After some talks, that was his final decision. However, he is still offering his piano skills to anyone that would need them for their track. This does mean that "The Story of the Stolen Star Spirits" is available for the taking once more. Let's not keep it open for very long. Any takers for this track?
  14. So, just for an update, SonicThHedgog, to the best of my knowledge, is still on board for the time being, at least until the next deadline/checkpoint. So no more speculations or anything on that. I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone (whether you're currently on the project or considering a bonus track) about the resource list at the top of the main post. This list contains people who have offered vocal, instrumental, and lyrics skills to any ReMixer that would like to use them for the project. So if you're having a roadblock in how to accomplish part of your vision, give t
  15. I'm checking with him to get exact reasoning, but if he wants to post is reasons here, that's up to him. But give him a break guys. Things come up, life happens, and plans change. It happens to the best of us.
  16. Ah yes, the project forum. Time to explain my reasoning behind it. In the beginning, I had intended for the project to serve two purposes: keeping project members updated, and getting private feedback on WIPs. Since we aren't supposed to fully run the project in the recruiting forums, and you don't get a project thread until you're the first level of official status, I wanted to set up a temporary home base. This also provided the advantage of allowing the project members to give feedback on each others tracks without making them publicly available on OCR (what's the point of specifically rele
  17. I think that fan art would be a good idea, even as a link in the top-right corner. It would avoid the copyright issues of using official artwork, and it would make the mascot section even more community-based. Plus, if someone is making artwork specifically for the mascot section, it could be tailored for the forum's purposes (no cut, paste, and edit markings and the like). It would be a lot of work, but it might pay off to switch to fan art for all of our mascots, just to avoid any further copyright issues down the road. Having mascot art submissions and posting could also be fun for the more
  18. Yes. When I compiled the main list for the album, there was no way that I could include all of the tracks from the game. So, now that the main roster is full, anyone that wants to claim a track that is not on the list may do so. I detailed guidelines for them a few posts back.
  19. Just realized that I might not have made this part that clear, but the Bonus Track Free-For-All that I outlined above is for ANYONE. Not just people on the album. Just wanted to clear that up in case there was any misunderstanding.
  20. Hey, take your time. If you think it's something that would work, go for it.

  21. Sounds good to me. Just shoot me a PM when you think you've got something good. :)

  22. So, I believe this will satisfy things nicely. G-Mixer has come on board to take on the last specified track! That's it! The main roster is full! Now comes the part that the last few posts have been discussing. If you have a track from Paper Mario that you love that wasn't on the list, give it your best shot! Open to all! All of the rules and specs are the same. Orchestral inclusion guideline, approval be the project team, etc. The only difference is that YOU get to pick the track. Here are some new guidelines: 1. If you want to take on a track, and you get approved for participation, it's YOU
  23. I'm considering the extra tracks. There are a couple of things that I need to figure out before I make a final decision, but I am considering it. As far as the bonus section goes, that is on a case by case basis. If enough come in, then there will obviously be a separate section for them. If there's only one or two, then I may just slot them into the main album. Although I have seen albums with only one or two bonus tracks, I do see your point with that.
  24. Yes, "Her Greatest Wish" would definitely be that track, which is still available. As far as adding more tracks, I have mixed feelings about that. I mean, yes, there are a lot more source tunes that we're not tapping into, but all in all, I'd say we have a fairly representative selection without having an overwhelming number of tracks. I would have to think about the implications of adding more tracks, because I don't want to have half an album's worth of tracks unclaimed at the end of this. I'd like to have even representation for each of the chapters (1-7 and the Goomba Village part of the P
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