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Submaroon (progelectro?)


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in the past I've only posted sloppy demos... well here's something that's actually finished, and actually good.

uh also I'm terrible at classifying songs into genres... especially my own. I guess it could be a little experimental? the best I can do to describe it to you is tell you that ...it will take you on a magical journey. haha.


it's got live bass. this song has my first ever experimentations with polyrhythms, one that's 3 over 4, and another that's 5 over 7. the "bridge" has sampled didgeridoo (from a cassette of someone my mom new, crazy stuff), as well as lots of other random noises I recorded. the ending fades out and is meant to transition into an acoustic summer song, I just left the the transition in there.

ch ch ch check it!

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