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Jeanne d'Arc - Martyr's Requiem (Title Theme)


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For anyone who doesn't know, Jeanne D'Arc is an SRPG pretty similar to FF Tactics: War of the Lions (but it's better IMO). The soundtrack is mostly blah, but I always liked the title screen music a lot. What I have so far may be somewhat too loose of an adaptation for OCR.. maybe. I only have 2 minutes done.

I'm really not sure what genre you'd call this, but I'm going for "chill" with an occasional Eastern vibe. I don't have any EQ done for individual channels because I suck at it (EDIT: I attempted EQ!). If anyone is willing to give me some tips through Skype about EQ that'd be awesome. Here ya go..

Remix: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/szzk


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Hell yes! Gotta commend you first on your choice of source - love the game, love the music.

As per the mix, sounds pretty solid so far; I think there could be a little more separation on elements, specifically the calliope type lead that comes in later, I'd pan it left, get a wider field going on. Right now the weak point is probably the drums, relative to the other components - I was expecting something harder and more electronic, just based on the build, but I get that you're going for a chillout vibe, so the acoustic kit does make sense in that regard, it just needs a little more energy, I think - I might try layering, adding an additional percussive component, synth fx pattern, just something to make the drums as interesting as everything else you've got going on; it might benefit from a kit with better multisamping, so that snares and kicks sound different at different velocities.

I'd also consider just shifting the genre a bit and experimenting with how harder, more electronica drums might sound, because you're working with a great melody, and you've got a great buildup that reminds me of Orbital's 'Halcyon and On and On', if you're familiar with that - I think going in that direction, percussively, might be awesome.

At any rate, personal thanks for working with this source, and I hope you get more feedback & experiment a bit, because I'd love to see the panel pass a Jeanne D'Arc mix!

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It is a fantastic game :)

I'm working on widening the mix out, as you said. I've never used panning in my mixes, but panning the pan flute (nice coincidence) does already make it feel 'bigger'.

I'm really glad you introduced me to that song there. That shifted my inspiration for this mix a bit because I think the melody and what I have so far does lend itself to that kind of chill-yet-hard electronica. Now I want to integrate more of a 'UNTZ. UNTZ. UNTZ.' rhythm .. hopefully that's what you were nudging me towards! I'm also really tempted to use some soft vocals, but that may be imitating 'Halcyon On and On' too much.

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I work kind of slow, but I'll be back with an updated version :)

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