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"Sundown" - an original song by me

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Hey, everyone! This here is "Sundown," an original song written by me in August-September of 2010. I spent a few months recording it - it was a lot of hard work because I'm a perfectionist and refused to compromise quality, haha. I sang, arranged, and played all the instruments (harp, guitar, keyboard) except for percussion (djembe, tambourine, rainstick), which was done by my husband. The instruments are all acoustic except for the keyboard, which is that subtle "bass" sound later in the song. It's the first song I wrote on the harp, which I've been playing since May 2010.

I poured my soul into this song and recording, so I hope you guys like it! Feedback will be appreciated. Thanks! ^_^

Youtube link:

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/natalyazarraga

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Wow, I'm surprised at all the comments about reverb. Hmm. The vocals actually do have reverb already. I experimented a little bit, and I didn't want to overdo it; I just wanted a light coat of reverb to keep the sound more natural, if you will. I suppose it could potentially use a bit more (probably on the harmonies more than anything?)...

the only thing this needs is some verb on both vocal tracks, and louder instruments, or quieter vocal tracks

9.7/10 :D

I can see what you mean about the loudness on the vocal track. I do think the last verse in the lead vocal was a little bit loud. It's strange, because when I was working on it in Cubase, it was almost too low and that's why I bumped it up a little. But when it rendered and I listened through the computer's audio with headphones (not my interface), they were almost too loud. Weird... Perhaps I could fix it a little and replace the audio in the video, if necessary. We'll see. Thanks!

Very pretty! The mastering could use just a little work, maybe by filling the space differently, but your voice is great and the composition itself is wonderful.

I noticed you commented on the Youtube video as well; thanks for both! This song isn't actually mastered (because 1. I don't know how to do it myself yet, and 2. I can't afford to pay someone to do it now if I'm not yet commercially releasing it), so...yeah. It could always use maybe a -bit- of tweaking. It's really close to what I think it should be at this point, thankfully.

In any case, thanks to everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate it! ^_^

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Great song. I love the melody. Always did have a soft spot for the harp. This song is a good example of why that is.

Thanks a lot! I did, too. The moment I got to see and touch my first harp at a Renaissance fair in March of last year, I was struck with harplust, and didn't stop until I found the one I have now, lovingly played in that recording. ^_^

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