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Another newbie needs help starting remixing (MAC)


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Hello OCR,

I'm searching the forums for some suggestions, and maybe it's just me, but I'm getting nowhere fast. I might as well give some details about my situation.

I'm looking for a few things, the first being a cheap and/or free software to make music in the first place. I have a six month old Macbook Pro, that currently has Garageband and a program called Soundtrack Pro (it came with my dad's package of Final Cut Studio, but I have yet to touch it).

I don't know how to play instruments (although I am a skilled singer), but I do know the basics of music theory. I MAY (depending on my budget) buy a mini keyboard and learn to play sounds on my own, but first I need some good software.

I've seen a few sources of digital instruments (I think the post below mine has some), but any recommendations are welcome.

I really look forward to being an involved member of OCR, but I have to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance. :)

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