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Wanted: Original chiptune samples for an interactive musical installation


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Are you a chiptune composer and curious about what will happen if your music became interactive?

Monobanda makes interactive installations and games. One of our latest passion-projects is an interactive music installation. Check the link to see it in action.

Or for the previous version which featured on a few music festivals, but with different music.

How does it work?

Okay. The idea is that people can “build” or mix their own chiptune track using samples that are premade.

The mixtable has 4 “slots” on which you can put cassette tapes. The cassettes contain chips which are read by the table and in turn play a sample-loop.

Using 4 slots people can mix and match a chiptune track consisting of sample-loops. Bass, beat, melody and special.

The technique works perfectly. Loops always fit together and fade and switch perfectly without missing a beat when you changes tapes/samples.

It's fun and addictive to search between samples until you create the track you think rocks.

So! This machine just begs to play chiptunes.

The medium works só well with it! So we'd love to see what professional composers like you guys can do with this.

This is our call to arms.

Do you like to make chiptune samples? And do you like to see what happens if your music becomes interactive?

Then help us make something awesome!

The rules to make it fit:

-Make a track consisting of 4 loop-able samples.

*Bass (bassline and perhaps a kick)




-128 bpm

-8 beats (3,75 seconds)

-Wav format


*Bass: name_0

*Beat: name_1

*Melody: name_2

*Special: name_3

Example-samples (not chiptune, but they give the idea) can be downloaded here:

http://www.monobanda.nl/example samples.rar


12 march. Our machine will be featured on an underground chiptunes festival (live music) in amsterdam. We already have few dutch chiptune artists, but to make this pop we need more names!

Completely non-profit, just a chiptune scene with a lot of love for the medium.

It would be awesome if we have enough little 3,75 second track to make this thing work.

The trick is making samples that sound reasonable when looped. And really keep the base, beat, etc samples separated. Never slip a beat into your bass sample or something like that, or else you'll get a mess when mixing with other samples.

Email me if you're interested, and i'll invite you to the dropbox folder.

niki [at] monobanda.nl

(sorry mods, if this is the wrong place to put this. I've been a long time lurker, and maybe things have changed since the unmod days ;)

So just to be clear.

-I'm looking for original chiptune samples

-this is pro bono (for a community with a lot of love for chiptunes, nobody's making money)

-All samples made before the deadline will become part of an awesome interactive sound-installation that will be featured on a popular chipuntes event

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