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  1. We just had our first jamsession with completely interchangeable chipetunes. 5 dutch chiptune artists could mix and match each others music. Check it out, you... if you're into chiptune music and stuff. http://vimeo.com/19850051 And remember, the more the merrier. If you want to join, contact me.
  2. Are you a chiptune composer and curious about what will happen if your music became interactive? Monobanda makes interactive installations and games. One of our latest passion-projects is an interactive music installation. Check the link to see it in action. Or for the previous version which featured on a few music festivals, but with different music. How does it work? Okay. The idea is that people can “build” or mix their own chiptune track using samples that are premade. The mixtable has 4 “slots” on which you can put cassette tapes. The cassettes contain chips which are read by the table and in turn play a sample-loop. Using 4 slots people can mix and match a chiptune track consisting of sample-loops. Bass, beat, melody and special. The technique works perfectly. Loops always fit together and fade and switch perfectly without missing a beat when you changes tapes/samples. It's fun and addictive to search between samples until you create the track you think rocks. So! This machine just begs to play chiptunes. The medium works só well with it! So we'd love to see what professional composers like you guys can do with this. This is our call to arms. Do you like to make chiptune samples? And do you like to see what happens if your music becomes interactive? Then help us make something awesome! The rules to make it fit: -Make a track consisting of 4 loop-able samples. *Bass (bassline and perhaps a kick) *Beat *Melody *Special -128 bpm -8 beats (3,75 seconds) -Wav format -Filenaming: *Bass: name_0 *Beat: name_1 *Melody: name_2 *Special: name_3 Example-samples (not chiptune, but they give the idea) can be downloaded here: http://www.monobanda.nl/example samples.rar Deadline 12 march. Our machine will be featured on an underground chiptunes festival (live music) in amsterdam. We already have few dutch chiptune artists, but to make this pop we need more names! Completely non-profit, just a chiptune scene with a lot of love for the medium. It would be awesome if we have enough little 3,75 second track to make this thing work. The trick is making samples that sound reasonable when looped. And really keep the base, beat, etc samples separated. Never slip a beat into your bass sample or something like that, or else you'll get a mess when mixing with other samples. Email me if you're interested, and i'll invite you to the dropbox folder. niki [at] monobanda.nl (sorry mods, if this is the wrong place to put this. I've been a long time lurker, and maybe things have changed since the unmod days So just to be clear. -I'm looking for original chiptune samples -this is pro bono (for a community with a lot of love for chiptunes, nobody's making money) -All samples made before the deadline will become part of an awesome interactive sound-installation that will be featured on a popular chipuntes event
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    Nintendo Wii

    I can guarantee the conduit will (fail).
  4. Awesome.Photothread! Some truly good stuff in there. I especially dig Black mages' stuff. Beautiful. This is my (temporary) site. Nik.dphoto.com I use an old analogue Pentax K2 (love it) and a Nikon D50 (not as romantic, lotsa timesaving) Feedback is immensly appreciated
  5. nookster

    Nintendo Wii

    I thought i heard nibris, the developer of sadness was fake, and so was the game?
  6. 1. Final Fantasy III (6 in japan) 2. Earhtbound 3. Super Mario RPG. legend of the seven stars 4. Chrono Trigger 5. Jet force Gemini I mean it. Give some jetforce love! On overclocked of all places. This game has truly amazing music. It really is one of rare's best. Although sadly overlooked. J
  7. I always play with a few beginners or semi nongamers around. Having a game actually punishes you for using the same move over and over again is awesome. And made me wonder why other games haven't. Must say I was pleasantly surprised with the game. Atma, are you unbanned yet? Could you share some tactics for Olimar. I like him a lot, but I can't seem to get into a flow with em. It seems to me it depends on having the right kind of pikmins around at the right time, which is chosen pretty randomly. Tips?
  8. I'm very surprised that the first time I hear about this, i'm playing the game myself. Wasn't it popular? I never played anything else for 7 years :S Ahwell. See you guys next tournament. Need to buy it on import.
  9. So, my mate bought it on import... We fear we already know the answer, but is Bonusmode (besides stock, time, and coin) really out? That would be unbelievable
  10. You guys have to promise me something. We'll have another tournament by the time europe gets brawl
  11. How plausible is it to fear that an american Brawl mixed with a freeloader and my european wii would play Brawl, but fuck up my online play? Very valuable qustion for every european
  12. You do know you can do softdrugs anywhere in the netherlands right? Not just Amsterdam. on topic, How long does it typically take to complete SSE? Is it twice as long as Adventure mode from brawl? Longer? And the bonuses (like smash artist, butterfingers etc) are they back?
  13. I'm there at least once a week. Don't know how it compares to not having smashbros. Care to elaborate?
  14. 5: You cannot use created stages in the online mode. http://www.1up.com/do/previewPage?cId=3165726 Wow... That is downright strange. So when me and my friends design wacky stages we must visit each other, and for everything else we can go online? But we can send them to nintendo? so there is no technical difficulty? Why the exclusion? Can anyone disprove or clarify this 1up statement?
  15. THANK YOU! Finally Ontopic. I'm baffled about Starwolf. Not that i don't like him but... Three characters from a game that Nintendo practically gave up on. No Mii with a standard moveset that only changes it's face, no second F zero character. Very strange. I mean... 3 Starfox versus 1 Fzero. Picolo is at least as mainstream and well known a character as Wolf. Strange choice... And Ganon a clone???? Are you sure? That i can't believe, I recall Sakurai saying he got rid of clones...
  16. Dude. Fixed it by deleting, like anyone had doubts about him anyway, but... Can't find the font and color tool. I get nothing there. I used to... Could it be firefox? i doubt it. Could I have a detailed description where they should be. Damn feel like a noob. I used to know where they were but.... /shame/
  17. It isn't? Man that is disapointing, if only in the light of everything else they thought of. That means we can forget the light suit from echoes for samus. (not that that was even plausible). Is it me, or are the new things we get to know right now not that exciting. It seems Sakurai already put all the great things up at the dojo. I was expecting one last big character revelation. On topic. Can anyone confirm new movesets for .... where did the color tag button go??? Ahwell, other old leaked characters
  18. Can we keep track of the number of stages, revealed music and such in the first post? I don't want to see anything right away. But hearing things like "35 stages" or "endsong from this or that game confirmed" would be awesome and spoilerfree for me, and i'm sure some other people. Damn europe (although if the game comes out before june, i might as well quit mu graduation project :S)
  19. Thus, Adobe wouldn't miss out on any money he would make using their software. Which is my point. Rules are rules and piracy is bad, but I'm willing to bet that most adobe employees would laugh and shrug at this situation. The program is not aimed at the casual market. I've done creative educations for 8 years now. Do you think the school purchases a PS for every student? They buy one, so the rights are covered, and let 200 students and their dog use the copies. That's why it's so expensive, it's their business model to sell it as a package that companies can purchase and let their employees/students/freelance partners use. Not so much advocating piracy, as being surprised at the strange places a moral standpoint can pop up. But yeah, from a pure legal standpoint, it's wrong. But that has nothing to do with conscience. Sorry for the rant, I'll lurk more. Thanks for everyone's patience.
  20. Fair enough, my apologies for the pro piracy stand. It's wrong. Just saying that using freeware will probably lose Adobe a future customer than lose them money.
  21. Wait, you just want to make some banners and stuff? and for that you think you have to buy PS? Dude, go find a torrent of PS and install it. Do you think they make photoshop expensive for casual users? It's expensive because it is aimed at companies/schools/freelance business. Adobe doesn't give a rats ass about you. They just want their share the moment you start to make money with their tools. For gawd´s sake, thinking of buying photoshop to shop lightsabers into pictures...
  22. nookster

    Nintendo Wii

    Does anyone see any lag in todays Smash update? looks like we've got nothing to worry about
  23. wow. Coke is really expensive in America huh? Please say it is? About time they made a real Special Effects movie in docu style. I was actually waiting for a fantasy movie with that style, but this'll do too
  24. nookster

    Nintendo Wii

    Please, sakurai, delay the european Smash bros all you want. I have to graduate in june. Give me Smash Bros in July, i'll have the best possible smash experience
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