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Windows Vista/7 Low Midi Polyphony

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I've noticed that in my Windows XP laptops, midis play really, really well. But on our desktop computers, one which runs Vista, and one which runs Windows 7, notes seem to cut out. I can't really tell if it's an issue with channels or just too many notes for the midi... drivers?... to handle, or what. For instance, in this one, some of the guitar notes cut out when the solo starts. Usually at the start of a bar, when the chords change and there are more notes than normal. Either the guitar won't play the note at all, or it starts to play it, then ends it almost immediately, or ends the note halfway through...

It's just normal midis, too. Basic onboard soundcards, no special VSTs or anything.

Is it just sucky new Windows drivers, or what?

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