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Hello everyone, my name is Michael Levi and I'm a Commercial Music major here at Florida State University in my senior year. I am currently taking lessons with the head of the Commercial Music department and he's pushing me in the direction I want to go, that is, wanting to produce music for video games.

This semester he has been making me take short 1-2 minute clips from video games and rewrite the music over them with original music. I already have some clips that I've rewritten and uploaded so far on my youtube account:

- Game clip is Arni Village from Chrono Cross

- Game clip is just a trailer from an Initial D game

- Game clip is the Halo 2 title screen

and lastly

- This is the animated opening to Megaman 8!!

(sorry about the sound quality, youtube tends to do that)

If you'd like to check them out that would be great. This is just demo material that I would eventually send off to a video game company.

I would also like to ask if there is anyone who knows how to get into the video game industry as a composer. This will be my career of choice and I am proud to make that decision.

Any comments/feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

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