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  1. Finish it!! I want to hear more! lol I love it, it's totally Katarmari-esque. I love the chip synths. I've always wanted to know how to truly replicate the sounds without it sounding too thin. I love what you did with the 8-bit sounds. How do you do that?
  2. Also, wanted to add the Pikachu theme was totally Japanese to me and I really loved it. It was a very cute theme!
  3. Oh, you're an aspiring video game composer too? I'm also working to become a game composer as well! And first of all, I'm glad finally a Westerner like myself wants to implement some of the Japanese game music style into games as much as I do! Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, and Yasunori Mitsuda are definitely among my favorite top 3 game composers amongst many others. Getting to the topic at hand, I just listened to all of your music currently shown on your website's homepage. One thing I definitely have noticed is that you have grown much in the span of your compositions. It makes me happy b
  4. Hey everyone, so I downloaded some FF7 MIDI soundfonts that I could use in FL Studio and composed a hometown theme (that can be used for an RPG since it does repeat). I was going for an old school feel, since my musical influences come from video game music. I wasn't going for anything big either, but for something calm, and hopeful. http://www.mp3unsigned.com/MSL#Days+of+Peace+%28Entry+for+Game+Competition%29 Hope you guys like it. It was fun to make!
  5. Which sound libraries did you use and how many different patches of the same instrument did you have to use? This sounds great man. I recently purchased some high quality sound libraries myself and was wondering how you used the sound libraries. Also, what DAW do you use?
  6. Sweet, I got an email stating that I placed runner-up in the remix contest!
  7. Nice, this definitely reminds of 90's anime music! I do have some suggestions if you'd like. The synth that enters 33 seconds in is a bit too loud and upfront in the mix, so you may want to lower the volume on that considerably so that it blends better with the other elements in the track. Congratulations on finishing the piece of music though. There's always a sense of gratification that occurs immediately after completion.
  8. Hello everyone! I've composed a battle theme in the style of Motoi Sakuraba's musical work in the Tales of JRPG series. This is an original work and I've uploaded a video with this track with gameplay footage from Tales of Symphonia so you can see how it fits. I hope you all enjoy it. I had a lot of fun creating this. If you don't like the audio quality on youtube, I have it uploaded here as well for you to listen: http://www.mp3unsigned.com/MSL/76490/#Project%3A++Tales+of+Battle+-+It+Ends+Here
  9. I made an arrangement based off the Killzone 3 Stahl Arms Battle Theme for a contest over at ACIDplanet. Please check it out! http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=1402961&t=4886 MIRROR: http://www.mp3unsigned.com/MSL/72751/#Stahl+Arms+Battle+Theme%28Arrangement%29 The composer gave out original audio samples for us to use and I only used the main string melody, a brass sample, and a couple percussion samples. The rest is produced with my EastWest Goliath sound library. You can compare my arrangement to the original piece here if you're not familiar with it. Enjoy!
  10. Hey. Some good stuff you have on your channel. I just subscribed and sent an invite as a friend. I can't really help you in terms of mixing and mastering and all that. I'm in the same boat as you haha. My approach is very similar to yours. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences in the music industry. It seems as though it was very bad luck. However, I'm glad you have decided to go back to it. There's no getting away from doing something you loved doing, right? Follow your dreams. It's the only reason we're here after all. I have also started with FL Studio back when I was 15, but i
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Michael Levi and I'm a Commercial Music major here at Florida State University in my senior year. I am currently taking lessons with the head of the Commercial Music department and he's pushing me in the direction I want to go, that is, wanting to produce music for video games. This semester he has been making me take short 1-2 minute clips from video games and rewrite the music over them with original music. I already have some clips that I've rewritten and uploaded so far on my youtube account: - Game clip is Arni Village from Chrono Cross - Game clip is
  12. Hey thanks for your input! Well I wasn't really going for an arrangement of the piece to begin with, but I had doubts that this would be considered an original composition because of their unmistakable similarities. It's probably just as short as the original too, since it's meant to loop because I had this in mind for an RPG setting and not a concert setting. Oh, and glad you like my other piece heh!
  13. Hey guys. I'm just curious on your thoughts of this piece. About halfway making this piece for my MIDI class, I realized it sounded a LOT like Kids Running Through the City Corners though some of the chords are different and the melody changes and whatnot. I was wondering if you think this might even count as a "remix." If anything I consider it as how the piece might have been written in a parallel universe lol, so I want to call it a recomposition though it wasn't my intention. There's just unmistakble similarites (key, time signature, and piano accompaniment pattern). It's just VERY i
  14. Hmm...well I'm one of those extremely picky people when it comes music even though my music aint perfect either, I know how hard it is to make something of this recording quality considering that you added your voice on top of the piano. However, I feel like for something as epic as To Far Away Times, that it missed the big climax in the middle where the main melody is and you just enjoy while it takes you places. I feel like this piece didn't take you far, even though it's real good quality and your vocals are nice. I didn't really mind the lyrics at all. I really don't pay attention to l
  15. whoa, who new duck tales had such an awesome melody in there!! You did a great job with this!! Whoa man, whoa!
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