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Game On! - A MegaMan Dance vid


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hey guys, i found this song for the first time in the "suggestions" on the side bar of youtube....i did a little bit of searching to find something.... that i can't remember what i was searching for - then decided to make a parody video... in about 2 hours

the content of the parody is not mine and i claim no ownership or creation rights of it... i just mashed the videos/song together.

the original video:

The Parody:

due to limited content parts of the video do repeat..and i cut parts of teh song out to prevent it from dragging on with no filler XD... but i think it works well for what it is :P

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How is slapping a bunch of stuff you didn't do together, with very little editing, a parody exactly?

Also, you mentioned the MM/RM parodies of Haruhi /Lucky star weren't yours, but didn't bother to credit the original authors.

well i didn't credit the original creators...since i don't know who did what - being more then one person as actually uploaded the videos... so far I've edited with finding the creator of the Haruhi dance. but haven't found the creator of the lucky Star dance. if you know the name please let me know and I'll edit the description to render that.

as for being a parody... well nobody else put the 2 together.. and.. it fits in the way of a dance... but yeah i claim no rights to either - i just though it would be a funny idea to put the 2 together...

as for any other parodies i put together... i also claim no rights to the audio or the video content... same goes with a couple other videos I did..not so much a parody as it is say...another "version" XD

Video 1:

Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR3ndy0e--k

other version:

Video 2:

any DS gamers should know this :P - i just wish i was good enough with effects to make it that much better

Original "video":

"Parody" :

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