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  1. just Released this new video - i say its not as good as my "into the night" video.. but i still think its decent. contains spoilers so don't watch it if you haven't seen the movie yet
  2. yeah, when i first heard his voice i thought it sounded kinda familiar... but it was only when i was watching chuck.. that there was a commercial that came on and he actually said he was the voice of the "hero".. which then in turn made me Really want to see the movie as opposed to to kinda wanting to see it but just how he delivers some of the lines... makes you wonder if anyone else would have been able to pull them off quite as smoothly "I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you... but may i just say..... hi" that was just hilarious. and to anyone who might have watched my other videos i posted... this was a video i put using the Credits song from Tangled: which it makes a lot more sense if you know the characters... and "what they want"
  3. Thanks! - i took alot more time with the second one then the first one, but the first one there wasn't much editing to do - was just to "time" it more with the dance then the rest of it.... but due to limited content i couldn't time it as well as i would have liked too. but yeah, thanks again guys - glad you enjoyed at least 1 of the vids
  4. Wow... that means a lot coming from someone of your stature...... but just to let you know - your Ancient Hero remix has always been 1 of my favorite mixes. But Thanks - very much appreciated
  5. yeah for sure i liked this part of the movie so much - i put this little video together: and as for loving Tangled as much as i did.... i also put this together:
  6. Tangle dis indeed amazing and i would recommend it to anyway, i Found it Hilarious - and in my opinion its the best Disney film since The Lion King. my Favorite part is the Kingdom Dance cause I like Celtic Music and it fit very well I will be buying this on 4 disc combo pack on day one (Mar. 29th) just cause it think its worth it...... now i would just need the #d tv and all that other fancy crap for the 3D disc... but figured for the extra $5 its worth it to get it
  7. well i didn't credit the original creators...since i don't know who did what - being more then one person as actually uploaded the videos... so far I've edited with finding the creator of the Haruhi dance. but haven't found the creator of the lucky Star dance. if you know the name please let me know and I'll edit the description to render that. as for being a parody... well nobody else put the 2 together.. and.. it fits in the way of a dance... but yeah i claim no rights to either - i just though it would be a funny idea to put the 2 together... as for any other parodies i put together... i also claim no rights to the audio or the video content... same goes with a couple other videos I did..not so much a parody as it is say...another "version" XD Video 1: Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR3ndy0e--k other version: Video 2: any DS gamers should know this - i just wish i was good enough with effects to make it that much better Original "video": "Parody" :
  8. hey guys, i found this song for the first time in the "suggestions" on the side bar of youtube....i did a little bit of searching to find something.... that i can't remember what i was searching for - then decided to make a parody video... in about 2 hours the content of the parody is not mine and i claim no ownership or creation rights of it... i just mashed the videos/song together. the original video: The Parody: due to limited content parts of the video do repeat..and i cut parts of teh song out to prevent it from dragging on with no filler XD... but i think it works well for what it is
  9. umm did this osng get removed - i've tried to download it from every mirror and the mp3 comes blank......
  10. Geez i wasn't trying to take credit for it at all...the audio isn't mine nor is the video...i just put 2 adn 2 together to make a funny parody video...i just thought it migh tbe alright to leave it up until the official video comes out....but apparently i was wrong - i wasn't trying to be a dick about it. so i humbly apologize to all here that i did wrong and to Pixietricks and all other creatos of the song. i especailly apologize for going ahead and making the video before actaully recieving permission to do it, as it was a spur of the moment kinda thing.....being it wa slike 3am and nobody was online to respond to said question... as for my username - that's due to youtube being anal with taking down my old account with over 300 videos on it... not that the username helps me any i'm sure - anyways i've complied with your request and was only asking too see if i could leave it up longer - but whatever is over and done with now - last i checked the "audio swap was in progress" so it should be done shortley if not already
  11. AWWW. it's such an awesome song and this was really fun to make.......but if you really want it pulled down i guess i'll have to anyways, Again Awesome song and i look very forward to the Offical Music Video... I wanna be in it - but i live in Canada so i doubt that will happen )
  12. Damn this is just Too EPIC - Freaking amazing.....I can't Wait for the music Video.....but if they had an animated series for Ocarina of time i would probably attempt the video myself ......though there is one video that might beable to do a small clip for.... actaully i will attmept it now and place it on youtube for all to see.... though i humbly ask your permission to do said video first. ..I have finished said video....though its not the whole song because there wasn't enough content... and the quality is harse due to being an old commercial and being unable to find a better version i will post it on youtube... if you disapprove i will remove it ASAP (Link to follow)....no pun intended http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvhLxJu18Jo
  13. I was actaully highly anticipating waht might hsow up for April fools - cause i would usually miss it every other year - so i was actually up past midnight and actaully reloaded the page a few times and the second the remixinator showed up i new it was this years joke.....i think the last one i actually saw was the DuckHunt Collaboration...which i think was actually a few years ago.... but just in case i'm wrong is there a way to post maybe screen shots of each years Schnanigans that you guys pulled off? just cause that duck hunt one is the only one i can' think of that i might have seen last...
  14. Sweet.. I always wanted to beable to remix my own tunes.. now i can...to bad can no-longer submit to the site with such an epic rise in technology i guess the days of manual remixing is now behind us. RIP Manual remixing and Welcome to the world Remixinator!!
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!! - been an awesome 10 years... and hope to have at least another 10 - keep up the awesome remixes!
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